A quick overview of the pet policy to confirm reservations with American Airlines 

Those who travel frequently can understand how painful it is to leave their furry friend behind at home at someone else care. Luckily, some airlines understand the need of the passengers and offer them a provision to travel with their beloved pets. And for those planning to confirm their reservations with American Airlines, they can check out the guidelines discussed in this article to book pet reservations. 

Guidelines to confirm pet reservations with American Airlines 

The below-mentioned guidelines have become effective from 15th June 2020 as per which the pets are allowed to travel by American Airlines as cargo to the United States and various international locations with few exceptions. 

Further, to help one get a clear idea, here are some of the rules on American Airlines Pet Policy that one needs to abide by to confirm their pet reservations with the airline. If required, one can even reach out to the airline reservation department for help. 

1) In-cabin policy for pets

The passengers who are planning to travel with the pets in-cabin needs to abide by the listed American Airlines Pet Policy rules discussed below:

  • The airline only permits small cats and dogs in-cabin. 
  • The pet should be at least eight weeks old or more to travel in-cabin. 
  • On some travel routes, the pets are not allowed to travel with American Airlines. So, one can check for the same by contacting the airline directly. 
  • Further, one pet per passenger is allowed as per the airline guidelines. 
  • Moreover, the measurement for the pet carrier is dependent on the aircraft that one can confirm by contacting the airline directly. 

2) Pet traveling as checked-baggage

And for the pets traveling as a checked-baggage, the airline a separate rules in the American Airlines Pet Policy that include the following rules:

  • As per the current pandemic conditions, the airline is not offering a checked-baggage facility for pets. 
  • And as per the guidelines, the flight on which the pet is traveling should be less than 12 hours. 
  • Two pets per passenger permitted as checked baggage. 
  • To confirm the pet booking, the passenger needs to submit a certificate by a licensed veterinarian at least 10 days before the departure. 

Thus, these are the few guidelines of American Airlines Pet Policy that one needs to abide by before confirming pet reservations. Besides, the passengers who are looking for details regarding the charges and booking process can read the info mentioned in this article. 

Charges for confirming pet reservations with American Airlines 

To confirm the pet reservations as a carry-on and checked baggage, the passenger needs to pay charges of $125 and $200 accordingly. Besides, for confirming the same, the passenger can feel free to reach out to the customer support of th airline. 

How to confirm pet reservations with American Airlines? 

Keeping the guidelines of American Airlines Pet Policythe passenger can confirm their pet reservation by providing the required documents and by contacting the airline customer service. 

Thus, next time whenever you wish to plan a trip with your pet, keep the guidelines in mind and plan out a hassle-free journey with American Airlines. 

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