Everything about the American Airlines Group Travel

Group travel is a kind of enjoyment. People usually want to travel in groups to enjoy their vacation to the fullest. But at some point, they also think of their budget. The first question that arises is Do we get a discount if we travel in a group especially on flights. So, let us clear your doubts. Here in this blog, you will get to know about the perks provided by American Airlines. 

If you are planning for American Airlines Group Booking, then you can avail certain benefits provided by them. The benefits are endless and the only thing you need is to book tickets at American Airlines. However, for any sort of difficulty, you can easily contact the American Airlines customer support team where the customer representatives will help you out with your problem. You can ask any query related to your booking or any other American Airlines issue. The customer representative will love to assist and guide you. Also, there are multiple ways of contacting the American Airlines customer support team such as emails, phone calls, messages, and social media. You can go for any of these to interact with the person present at American Airlines.

Benefits provided by American Airlines to group travelers 

Before knowing the benefits it is important for you to understand certain points. In terms of American Airlines, group benefits will be provided to such passengers who are 10 or more in number. Also, all the members of the group must travel from the same place or airport. If some passengers are traveling from another place, then zone fares are applicable to them.

If you and your group members satisfy these two criteria then only you are eligible for American Airlines group benefits.

Now, check out the benefits that American Airlines provide to their group passengers.

  • Group bookings can be done up to 11 months in advance. 
  • In case, if passengers want to change their name at American Airlines, the name change is possible for free to only one passenger and it should be done before 48 hours of the scheduled departure of American Airlines flight.
  • There are no criteria for minimum stay. Passengers can stay as per their requirements.

What is a zone fare in American Airlines?

Zone fares are applicable to the group bookings where some of the passengers are traveling from some other place. Given below are the zones where the zone fare is valid at American Airlines.

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Caribbean
  • Latin America
  • Pacific

How to apply for group booking discounts at American Airlines?

Group booking discounts are surely necessary in order to minimize the total fare of American Airlines. If you are looking for ways to avail, then here is the explanation for you.

  • You can look for discounts at the time of booking your group ticket. In the payment section, you can apply for a discount where the options are given. Select the group discount and avail the benefits.
  • You can also contact American Airlines customer support to guide you throughout the ticket booking process to avail the discount.

The service provided by the American Airlines customer support team is available day and night from dawn to dusk.

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