Travel Information/ Taking a Pet on Flight:

Most Airlines allow you to travel with your pet as a carrier on carry-on flights but it generally depends on the breed and size of the pet. However, fully trained pets can fly in the cabin at no additional cost if they meet the eligibility. You need to book the tickets for checked pets at least 48 hours prior to the flight departure time. To know how to add a pet booking a flight, passengers should go through the complete blog post.

Restrictions on Carry on Pets:

You can bring your pet in the travel cabin as carry-on only if they meet the criteria. Therefore, there are some rules and regulations that traveler should know to meet the requirements. You should remember that carry-on pets are limited to cats and dogs and it is essential to meet the size, age and destination requirements. To learn more terms and conditions, check the given information.

  • Some of the Airlines charges carry-on pet fees which is subject to class fare, travel destination, and more.
  • You should make sure that the pet stays in the pet carrier under the seat in front of you the entire flight.
  • Travelers are allowed to bring one additional items such as purse or small handbag only to travel with your pet as carry-on.
  • Carry-on bag should be fit under the overhead bin.
  • Pet stroller must be checked at the Airport Check-in counter and the checked baggage fee will be applicable.

Terms and Conditions for Checked Pets:

Several Airlines accept checked pets for active duty such as military dogs and dogs traveling on official orders. Generally, upto 2 dogs can checked in but they should have met the minimum age and health requirements. As the capacity is limited the Airline follows first come first serve rules for checked pets. There are a few terms and conditions for Checked pets as given below.

  • Passenger should share the request to the reservation desk at least prior to the 48 hours of the flight departure time.
  • You should bring the copy of official orders to complete the check-in at the Airport counter.
  • Travelers are advised to allow extra check-in time which means you should visit the Airport atleast 2 -3 hours before the flight departure time.
  • Make sure to carry health certificate of checked pets to avoid the inconvenience.

How to add a pet when booking a flight?

To add a pet booking in flight, you should know the few basic step-by-step guide which is explained in the following information.

  • You should visit the Airline official website or open the Airline App.
  • Now click on the Special Assistance tab given under the travel information section to find your trip.
  • After that select the 'Add carry-on pets' and agree to the given requirements.
  • Passenger should select the flight on which you want to travel with your pet.
  • To complete the process confirm the carry-on pets.
  • Once the reqyirement meets, you should go to the Airport ticket counter to make the payment for travelling with pet.

Generally, the fee for checked pets is nearly $200 and carry-on pets fee $150 per kennel.

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