How much does it cost to change my flight?

If you happen to encounter a situation where you need to modify your flight reservation, your first concern must be the cost of changing the flight ticket. Now, the cost solely depends on a few factors, such as the fare class, flight destination, reservation time, and remaining time from the original scheduled flight. All these factors determine how much fee you will have to pay for the ticket modification. On average, the domestic flight change can cost you somewhere around $40 to $200, whereas any change in an international flight ticket can go up to $400.

You must also keep in mind that if the fare after making the suitable changes goes higher than the existing reservation, the difference between the fares will be included with the total cost of changing your flight along with the applicable fee. 

Now, learn about the applicable policies and the procedure for changing your flight reservation in detail from the following context.

General policies for changing a flight reservation

The policies which are followed by most of the airlines for allowing a person to change their reservation are as follows:

  • It is mandatory to request the changes to the flight reservation prior to the originally scheduled time at the airline, or else the fare amount will be forfeited.
  • Airlines allow their customers to make changes to their tickets at no additional cost if they are made within 24 hours of reservation. 
  • As the 24 hours from the reservation period passes, a standard fee based on the fare conditions will be applicable for changing or modifying a reservation. 
  • If your fare condition is not flexible, you will not be eligible to make any changes to the reservation. 
  • If the new flight's fare is higher than the previous booking's, the difference will be added to the cost of changing the reservation. 
  • Due to long delays on the original schedule, a person can choose to make the necessary changes to the reservation without paying any fee. 
  • Any change on the flight depends only on availability. 

Online procedure to change a flight

The online procedure one should follow for changing their flight reservation according to their necessity is as follows:

  • First, you must access the airline's site you have your booking with,
  • Then, go to the "Manage Trips" section,
  • You must search for your flight booking with your reservation number and last name,
  • Once the itinerary loads, you should look for the flight change option,
  • Further, select the change you require on your itinerary,
  • Now, set the new preference to browse the flight availability,
  • As you find a suited flight, you can proceed with the Reebok procedure,
  • You will have to provide some necessary details and pay the total cost,
  • As the payment is confirmed, your booking will be updated as needed. 


So, when you need to modify your airline reservation, worrying about the cost to change my flight is usualBy reading the policies and understanding the factors, you can determine the fee for changing your flight. The online procedure has also been mentioned to help you change your flight ticket. 

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