Here’s How To Avoid Flight Change & Cancellation Fee American Airlines

Have you booked your flight tickets on American Airlines? And due to any unavoidable reasons do you wish to cancel/change them but avoid the cancellations or flight change fee? Or are you just planning to travel with the airline but wish to know about the best ways to avoid any charges? Well, avoiding the charges is one of the most important aspects of travel plans, and there’s no doubt that one must know about the travel policies and other things that can help them with their flight change or cancelations.

Therefore, read further to know about how to avoid american airlines change fee and flight cancellation fee without any hassle. Moreover, you can also contact the airline’s customer services for more info if you don’t find the discussed information helpful.

How To Avoid American Airlines Change Fee? Important Points

·Follow the 24 Hours Rule

As per the American Airlines 24 hours’ rule, you can cancel your bookings within the first 24 hours of the booking so that you can get a full refund on your bookings including both refundable or non-refundable. Also, you’ll not have to pay the cancellations or change flight fee if you go through this, and also if you have booked your flight tickets 7 days before the scheduled departure time, then you wouldn’t have to pay the cancellations or change fee.

  • Look For The Schedule Changes

Another how to avoid american airlines cancellation fee hack is to keep looking for the sudden schedule changes. In the event, if your flight’s departure time changes from the original timings, then you’ll have the choice to either cancel the booking and get a full refund, or you can change the flight without paying the flight change fee.

  • Choose The Round-Trip Over One-Way Trips

Many airlines charge same flight change or cancellation fee for its both round-trip or one-way bookings. Hence, if you book the round-trip bookings on American Airlines, and wish to make changes on your departure and return, then you will have to pay the same flight change fee. Besides, the same is applicable on the flight cancellations on American Airlines.

  • Use The AA Credit Cards For Bookings

Wondering, how to avoid american airlines change fee via using credit cards? Well, when you use the credit cards for booking your flight tickets on American Airlines, the cards also cover cancellation charges and travel interruptions charges just in case if you wish to make any changes into your reservations. This also applies to the non-refundable fares on American Airlines.

  • Use The Elite Status

When you have earned the elite status on the airline, then you can easily use them to waive the change fee or any other mileage redeposit fee. American Airlines does offers waivers on its paid tickets. Also if you wish to change your bookings on the same-day, then you’ll receive the discounts on the same.

How To Avoid American Airlines Cancellation Fee? Travel Waiver

The travel waiver is often provided to passengers for their bookings when they are cancelled due to severe natural issues, technical problems or any other reasons. Many airlines such as American Airlines offers travel waiver to its passengers in terms of waiver of flight cancelation and change fee.

Therefore, with the help of the aforementioned hacks, you’ll be able to avoid the cancellation and change fee on the airline. However, you can also contact the airline’s customer services to get particular assistance on your bookings. They will surely help you out with the best information and guidance on how to avoid american airlines change fee and the flight cancellations charges.

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