How to Book Flight Tickets for a Pregnant Lady?

You can book a flight for a pregnant lady using several airline techniques, including phone calls, airport, and online forms offered by every airline, also they make sure to give care and safety while traveling. Before booking tickets, you have to check the guidelines, restrictions, and fees associated with pregnant ladies to fly the preferred airline seamlessly and without any doubts. Here is a brief explanation of each method to book flights for expectant mothers;

Through calls: If you want to book flight tickets for a pregnant lady, the calling method is simple and straightforward: speak with an agent who is always present to handle your query without any service charges. To interact with a customer executive, dial the helpline number of your preferred airline and ask them about booking documents, procedures, fees, or terms and conditions related to expectant mothers' reservations.  After dialing the toll-free number, you have to go through some procedures where you have to press the keypad according to your requirements. 

Through the airport: If the calling number is busy or on hold, you should navigate to the local airport ticket counter, where you can meet a representative in person and ask your doubts instantaneously. To get a reservation for an expectant lady, you can request an agent and also ask them for any special assistance if needed, before booking you have to submit some medical certificate approved by your gynecologist, so do not forget to take those documents with you to have effortless booking experience. 

Through online form: Some airlines offer online forms for making reservations for a pregnant lady where you have to fill out the pregnancy week details, passenger information, complications if you have, medical documents approved by a doctor, and more to have a convenient journey. Before booking any flight, do check and research about rules and regulations while flying, so you can have a seamless trip without any interruptions. To book a flight for a pregnant lady, you have to follow these steps to fill out online forms;

  • Flick through the official website, and visit the help page. 
  • Now go to the special assistance section over there. 
  • Click the pregnant lady booking option and fill in the passenger details there. 
  • Continue with payment and have a hassle-free journey with the expectant mother. 

What is the pregnant lady's policy while booking a flight ticket?

Before getting through the process, you have to check the guidelines associated with pregnant ladies' booking, so they can have seamless flying with extra protection and special service and enjoy the flight timing. Here are some common terms and conditions that are must-known before booking;

  • Some airlines do not allow booking tickets for pregnant ladies if they have any complications or cross the 35 weeks of pregnancy. 
  •  Before flying, you may have to submit the approval medical certificate to have seamless traveling. 
  • Many Airlines do not have any restrictions for pregnant ladies to fly with them unless the delivery date is 7 days away. 
  • If you are pregnant with multiple babies, it is suggested to avoid flights. 
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