Can I fly with a Newborn?

Parents have to be more cautious when it comes to flying with a newborn because they are poles apart. However, this is not always the case; proper advanced preparation and execution can assist you and your infant to have a better flight experience. However, before this, it's essential to know whether you can fly with a newborn and then learn the other things associated with it. So, delve into the tabs and find out; please have a look:

Is it possible to fly with a newborn?

Yes, it's possible to carry your infant to fly with your concerned airline. However, every airline has their dedicated age barrier and about that, you must be aware of because if your infant is below the mark, you may not be allowed to travel. Thus, call the officials and know about the same in details. 

General Infant Rules on Different Airlines. 

To keep safety at the top, many airlines have developed some kind of Infant Rules that every parent must be aware of. This helps them to plan a trip or a journey and travel. To know about the same, you have to go through the points described below; please have a look:

  • If your infant is under 2 years of age, no ticket is required, and the infant must be seated on your lap only. (Turbulence has the highest number of child injury cases.) 
  • If your infant is in good medical condition, you may get an allowance. Otherwise, you may need to produce medical certificates to get approval for your infants to travel. 
  • You may get an allowance to bring car seats for your children onboard, however, some airlines may take additional charges.
  • There can be some other rules, to know about them, get in touch with the officials. 

What is the minimum age for an infant to travel?

An infant must be at least 7 days old to be eligible for a flight. However, it is recommended that an infant travel until it is 2-3 months old. 

What are the other Infant Safety Methods on a flight?

You must keep some other safety measures in mind to fly with a newborn. So, before you hit the road, go through the following points highlighted below; please have a look:

  • Child Safety Restraint Seat--- You must get an FAA-approved car seat for your infant, and you can keep it in an empty seat. 
  • Weight less than 20 Pounds--- If your infant weighs less than 20 pounds, you must buckle it into a rear-facing car seat during the travel. 
  • Weight between 20 and 40 Pounds--- You need to keep them in the car seat, and you must not switch to the airplane's seat. 

NOTE: There is an FAA-approved alternative to using a car seat called a Child Aviation Restraint System (CARES), which every parent must purchase for the safe travel of their infants. 

Which seat is the best for your infant?

You can pick up the following seats for your infant:

  • Spacious Seats. 
  • Closer to the Window seats. 
  • Next to your seat or on your lap. 
  • Emergency Exit Row Seats. 
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