What to do if you lost something on a Delta plane? 

As soon as the flight reaches its destination, the passengers want to get off the plane as soon as possible. During this hustle and bustle, it is common for a passenger to leave some of their items on the plane while getting off the aircraft. If you lost something on a Delta plane, then you can follow the written content below to get your items back. 

Delta lost property policy 

Delta Airlines works effortlessly to improve the lives of its passengers; there is a dedicated team of experts who focus mainly on solving any kind of passenger problem. In a situation if a passenger loses their item on the Delta plane then the Delta will do their best to find out your missing item. Some of the Delta Lost Property Policy is cited in the further lines: 

  • On a Delta plane, if the checked item of a passenger vanishes during a domestic flight, then the passengers are requested to contact the airline within 1 day. 
  • If a passenger's checked item gets lost on an international flight, then the passenger must contact the airline within one week of the incident. 
  • To report unforeseen missing a piece of luggage or an item on the plane, a passenger has the authority to fill out the claim form as well. 

How to submit the Delta claim form? 

Losing luggage or any item on the plane can be drastic for the passenger. At this moment the passenger may get panicked, but if this situation happened to the passenger on a Delta plane, then the passenger needs to relax. The procedure to fill out the Delta claim form is given in the below lines; please have a look: 

  • Navigate through the original Delta Airlines site. 
  • Reach out to the Travel info in the top bar. 
  • Next, you need to hit the baggage option. 
  • Find out the tab of delayed, lost, or baggage items. 
  • Click on this option, and a page will appear. 
  • Go to the click here link in the Submit a Claim option. 
  • Fill out the form with the appropriate information. 
  • As soon as the airlines receive your form, they will act accordingly. 

How can I report missing items to Delta by phone? 

Phone calls offer you the opportunity to find a tailored solution that fits your specific needs and concerns. If you are dealing with a situation where a missing item is missing, then you can easily communicate with one of Delta's executives over the phone. For help, a step-by-step guide for the calling procedure is given below: 

  • Dial Delta lost phone number 800 325 8224/404 209 3043. 
  • You need to select a language to start hassle-free interaction. 
  • An automated voice will instruct you about flight-related options. 
  • You need to pick one of the choices that aligns with your preferences. 
  • As you will hit the number, it will be redirected to an agnet. 


To begin with, Delta makes sure that passengers do not feel any discomfort throughout their journey. This post will assist you with information about the steps taken if you lose an item on a Delta plane. 

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