Is Delta requiring Covid test to fly?

U.S. Entry Requirements -

Delta airlines requires all passengers to produce a negative COVID-19 test report for all flights and all destinations in the US. COVID-19 has wrecked havoc with the entire country’s sense of safety and security and it has also claimed millions of lives in the US and around the world too.

Keeping in mind these disastrous effects of COVID-19, Delta airlines is requiring that all passengers produce a proof that they do not have COVID-19 or that they have not been infected with or become positive with a COVID-19 infection.

If they can provide valid and authentic proof that they have not been infected with COVID-19 and that they are a negative case Delta airlines will allow them to board their flights and will carry them to whichever destination they desire, providing them world-class facilities along the way. This answers the question Is Delta requiring Covid test to fly?

Safety Commitment -

Delta airlines asks all of its passengers to give it a safety commitment regarding their conduct and their adherence to the special rules which have been imposed by Delta airlines on all of its counters and all of its flights.

Delta airlines asks that all of its passengers give it a full-fledged safety commitment that they will only come to the airports and the counters and the flights if they do not have any COVID-19 symptoms, if they have not been in contact or in touch with any individuals who were displaying COVID-19 symptoms and that they will wear a face mask religiously throughout their trip with Delta airlines – from the counter to the check-in to the flight and to the exit from the airport.

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