Step by Step Guide on how do I avoid delta flight change and cancellation fee

A very common problem which we all face is the worry about if we have a booking or reservation with Delta airlines and we need to make any changes in our flight or if we need to cancel our flight then we usually worry about the penalty which will be applied to us.

No worries if you want to make any changes to your flight or you need to cancel your flight and avoid the fees for changes and cancellation, then the below mentioned points will help you with that. The ways in which you can save the change and cancellation fees;

The time span of 24 hours since you completed your booking

You can cancel your ticket in the time span of 24 hours since the time you made your booking under the below mentioned circumstances;

  • If someone passed away- If someone in your family who was supposed to travel with you passes away, then you can easily cancel your booking.
  • In case of changes made from the end of Delta airlines- If there are certain changes from the side of Delta airlines that the date for your arrival and departure changes, then you easily cancel the particular flight and extend it for a future date.
  • Flexible ticket- Always buy a flexible ticket so that you can easily cancel your flight without any penalty of cancellation fees.
  • Always try to buy a ticket from the official website of Delta airlines- Whenever you are buying a ticket, always try to book the flight from the official website of Delta airlines and not with the help of any travel agent. In this way, there won’t be any delay in the procedure of any situation arriving.
  • If summoned for jury duty- If you are summoned with jury duty then you easily cancel your Delta flight without any cancellation fees.

Therefore, with the help of the above mentioned ways one can easily sort out the situation of how to avoid delta cancellation fee.

Changes you can make without incurring change fees

If you are looking out for the ways in which you can easily make changes in your flight without incurring any change fees, then the below mentioned ways will help you with the same;

What if at the time of booking you made a mistake in something you always do correctly but just one time you ended up making a mistake or you mistyped your name. Things like this can happen, but it can be very troublesome while boarding the flight. If you want to change your name then a fees of 75-500 dollars can be provided. But if you are looking for ways to avoid the fees on the name change then go through the below mentioned steps;

  • You can easily change your first as well as your last name which has been misspelled without incurring any charges.
  • If you already know that your name is spelled wrong in the ticket of the flight then you can change it in a time span of 7 days to 24 hours, obviously prior to the timings you have for the departure of your flight.

Therefore, with the help of the above mentioned points one can easily go with the procedure of delta airlines avoid change fees and can make changes to their name without incurring any change fees in a hassle free and convenient manner.

The above mentioned points give a brief on the ways in which you can avoid the change fee and cancellation fees.

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