JetBlue Airlines Pet Policy 

JetBlue airlines ahs special pet exclusive program where passengers can easily travel with their pet around the world but there are certain rules and regulations that passengers have to keep in mind. Follow the below guideline if you need to know all the information regarding the JetBlue airlines.

What are the JetBlue Airlines Pet Policy?

Below are all the guidelines regarding the JetBlue airlines pet policy

  • Passenger will have to provide all the pet’s vaccination and documentation records.
  • Every country will need special documentation. It is recommended to contact the nearest embassy/consulate for further information or details.? 
  • The pet should have their tags and all their vet certificate.? 
  • Passengers will require the carrier which should not be exceeding the limit of 17"L x 12.5"W x 8.5"H. And the pet should be able to stand up and move around in the carrier easily.? 
  • The combined weight of your pet and carrier should not be more than the limit of 20 pounds.? 
  • The carriers should always have the leak proof bottom also it should be well ventilated.? 
  • Both soft-sided and hard-sided carriers will be accepted.
  • Containers should not have the possible escape by an animal will not be accepted for transportation plus only one pet per carrier will be allowed.? 
  • Vaccination as well as documentation requirements might be different for different destination. It will be the responsibility of customer to understand each country’s animal importation requirements in order to get all the proper documentation before traveling with their pet (pet or service/emotional support animal).
  • In case if you do not know the rules and regulations then to view the country-specific requirements and restrictions prior to travel, passenger can easily use the International Air Transport Association's (IATA) online database available on the website.
  • The pet should remain inside the closed/zipped up carrier in the aircraft for the whole flight. 
  • Although passenger are free to hold the carrier on your lap during flight, the carrier can also be placed below the seat for taxi, take-off plus landing.  Pet carriers are subject to being examined by airport security authorities before the flight departure.
  • The pet are nor allowed to be placed through the x-ray machine.
  • Passenger will be asked to hold your pet and pass through the metal detector when the carrier will be x-rayed. In case if this is not possible, your pet will have to undergo a secondary screening, which will include the visual and physical inspection by the Security Officers.
  • Also take a note that JetBlue does not accept any kind of pet remains, cremated or otherwise,?in the cabin of the aircraft or as cargo.?
  • To book the pet reservation go to the online website or dial the toll-free number their representative will help you in all possible ways.

These were all the information about the Jet Blue pet policy, if still there is any issue about  JetBlue Airlines Pet Policy, then go to the contact section and dial the support number and soon executive will get connected to you in order to solve all your issue easily without any hassle.

How strict is JetBlue with pets?

JetBlue has a very friendly pet policy that considered pets as a companion of human beings. Their policy allows domestic cats and dogs to fly with their owners. However, they have to follow the JetBlue pet policy. There are certain rules that are mandatory and they have to be followed by the pet owners. You have to follow the instructions given below:

  • Their carriers should have a water-free bottom and they should have enough space that the pet can stand up and move around. The carrier must be able to fit under the seat in front of you. It has to be there in the carrier during the entire journey.
  • Only four pets are allowed per flight.
  • The pets have to be at least eight weeks of age to fly domestically.
  • You can notify the airlines in advance that you will travel with a pet.
  • It will cost around $125 per pet each way.
  • JetBlue Airways do not offer air cargo services for live animals
  • Health and vaccination certificates are necessary for pet animals.
  • The maximum combined weight of the carrier and the pet should not be more than 20 lbs.
  • It doesn’t accept pets going to Jamaica, Barbados, St. Lucia, Trinidad, and Tobago. They are permitted in Mexico.

Does JetBlue airlines allow pets in the cabin?

People who own pets understand the importance of their companionship. People who have pets know that they are not just animals; they are a part of their family. So why should this family member be excluded from the next family trip? 

The JetBlue pet policy in cabin perfectly addresses this matter. The airline knows what our pets mean to you and hence came up with a comprehensive plan to ensure you can take them with you while maintaining the flight decorum. 

Cabin policies for pet

It is obvious that you would want to take your pet's favorite carrier with you on your trip. But you also need to comply with these rules.

  • The carrier needs to be leakproof and should allow proper ventilation for the pet inside.
  • The total weight of your pet and carrier should be equal to or less than 20 pounds.
  • The dimensions of the carrier should not be more than 17 "L x 12.5 "W x 8.5 "H. 
  • The JetBlue pet policy in cabin states that carriers with a design that leaves room for possible escape are not allowed. 
  • Only one pet carrier is allowed.
  • The pet, along with its carrier, should be small enough to fit between your legs and the front seat.
  • With pets, you can only sit on window seats and aisle seats.
  • Pets should always remain inside the carrier.
  • Policies are different for service animals, please go through the details on website.

If you want to take a large pet or need more clarification about these policies, please connect with the JetBlue support team. The number is available on the JetBlue website. The support team works round the clock, and will gladly help your little friend.

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