How do I Get United Premier Access? 

Usually, a passenger has to go through so many complex procedures that it consumes their valuable time. Once you arrive at the airport, you have to stand in the check-in line, wait for your luggage to check in, get the security clearance, and finally board your flight. All these processes are not only exhausting but also time-consuming. You can take United Airlines Premier Access if you want to have a hassle-free journey. It is a membership program that provides various perks and benefits to the customers. They can save their precious time. United Premier Access provides you easy check-in, priority in security clearance, and boarding your flight. 

What is United Premier Access?

  • United Premier Access is a membership program that is designed for regular customers. It provides many perks and benefits that the customers can use to save valuable time. 
  • Not everyone is eligible for this membership plan. You must be a regular traveler on their airlines to get their membership.

Eligibility for United Premier Access 

You must take this membership program if you want a trouble-free journey with United Airlines. Following are the eligibility conditions for this membership:

  • You have to be their frequent business or first-class traveler.
  • If you have any one of the following membership cards or plans, you are eligible for their United Premier Access:
  • Star Alliance Gold Member
  • MileagePlus Club
  • Presidential Plus cardholder

Perks and benefits of United Premier Access

There are many perks and benefits that one gets. You can easily save valuable time. Here are the perks and benefits of having United Premier Access:

  • Hassle-free check-in: most of the time, check-in is time-consuming. You have to stand in the long line for hours and wait for your turn. If you take this membership program, you will be given priority for check-in. You will get preference over other passengers.
  • Easy security clearance: it consumes the longest time. If you stand for the security check, then you may have to stand for a long time. If you take access to their premier membership, then you do not have to wait for a long time. You will get priority in security clearance.
  • Get extra baggage allowance: if you take their premier access, then you will get an extra baggage allowance. You do not have to pay the baggage fees even if your bag or luggage is oversized or overweight up to a specific limit.
  • Instant luggage check-in: United provides the facility of online check-in. However, due to the hectic schedule, if you cannot check-in, they provide you the facility to get yourself checked through their premier membership. 
  • Get access to priority boarding: if you have their premier membership, then you can quickly board your flight. They will prioritize you among other passengers. 

The process of purchasing United Premier Access

It is convenient to purchase their premier access. You can purchase it online or call their customer service. Follow the given process to purchase premier access:

  • Open the website of United Airlines.
  • Select “Extra Mileage Plus.”
  • You will see “Premier Access Status” in the Premium Access Category.
  • Here you will see the option” Join Now.”
  • You have to make the payment of $ 17.
  • You will get access to their premier membership as soon as you make the payment.

Having a membership is very convenient as it saves you valuable time. There are many benefits as well. You can quickly check in and get priority in security clearance and flight boarding. If you are a frequent traveler on United but travel in their economy class, then you are not eligible for their premier access.

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