United Airlines Live Person Customer Service

United is 94 years old American based airlines and covers more than 300 both large domestic and international places. It is headquartered in Wills Tower. For a long time, United believes in providing the best services to their customer and users.

To provide the best out of the best, they offer a different type of assistance. The latest one is a live chat facility by United Airlines customer service. How you can access this facility, we have mentioned them below.

Talk To A Live Person At United Airlines by Phone

Calling United Toll-Free at 1-800-864-8331 or  1 (860) 864-8331 Customer Service

Ways to Connect With Live Agents

There are two ways to connect with them.

Phone Number

Get to the Live Person at United Airlines

United Airlines is one of the largest airlines in America. If you want to talk to a live person of the airline, you can follow the steps below.

  • You need to head to the official website of United Airlines.
  • Scroll down to the bottom to see the Contact Us option on the homepage.
  • You can click on the service you want to get the assistance for.
  • You can also dial the number and follow the OC prompts to get to the desired menu.
  • Press 1 to know about the flight information,
  • Press 2 to book a new flight.
  • Press 3 to check the status of your present booking 
  • Press 4 to check the Mileage Plus option and
  • You need to press 5 if you want to talk with the live person at United Airlines.

So, by following the above steps, you can contact United Airlines Customer Service. You can also get in touch with customer support on the social media platform provided on the website.

  • Go to the website of United Airline
  • Click on the contact us option
  • Check the facility is available or not. To check, you can use the country code. It varies from one place to another. That may change the number.

Live Chat

You can get the live chat service on request. In this, you can connect with a person through messages. It is available on the official site of united airlines. It is available throughout the day and gets prompt support.

These are the top ways to connect with customer service. You can go with one that seems perfect to you.

Does United Airlines Have Live Chat Option? 

United Airlines does have the Live chat option available which allows passengers scope to get in touch with the customer care representatives at United Airlines. Owing to the fact that it is the most instant option available to get in touch with a Live person from United, passengers often opt for this in cases of doubts and complications as far as their reservations are concerned. There are multiple things that one could ask from the Live person during a live chat. It is an instant session through which the candidates are able to get their hands on the expert advice from the experts at United Airlines. 

For connecting with the experts at United through the Live chat option, the passengers need to visit the official webpage of United airlines and there you will spot the Live chat option that would connect you with a Live Person at United for assistance or help. 

How do I drop an email to United Airlines’ mail address? 

In order to drop an email, first and foremost compose an email and include all your queries and problems that you must be facing with your reservations or if you have anything to declare or share such as feedback then to include everything in a mail and address that email to be delivered at the following email address mentioned down below and you are good to go. eservice@united.com

The email address mentioned above would help you with establishing a connection with the customer care representatives at United. The response is quick and effective. The customer care team at United airlines will get back to you at the earliest. And you could also ask them to arrange a call for you as far as customer support and assistance is concerned. 

Get United Support From Social Media Pages 

Airlines that do hold a social media page or have a presence over social media are always a step ahead of those who don't run their social media accounts. In the aviation industry having a global presence over the web is as important as having a presence in real life. The social media accounts are not only formulated for prepping up the businesses but at the same time, it also provides scope and much space for having the right direction towards handling customer relations and support. 

As far as the United airlines are concerned, the airline runs social media accounts on the platforms such as 

These social media platforms allow airlines to establish a quick connection with the passengers who are already having trouble with their reservations with the united airlines. It is the fastest means of communication with the airlines and therefore regarded as the best as far as United airlines customer care and support are concerned.

Is United Airlines Customer Service Available 24 Hours?

Customer care at United airlines is available 24 hours and round the clock to provide ultimate support and guidance to the passengers who are in need of instant help and thus are able to connect with the airlines in case they would like to discuss their problems.

You could reach the customer care department at United airlines instantly by either calling them or having them on the live chat option provided by the United airlines. The customer care representatives and the support team at United are available round the clock to provide support and help to those in need and therefore it also runs a 24-hour service.

You could either use the live chat option or the calling option. The helpline number at United airlines is available round the clock and they do serve the needs of the passengers at about any time of the day and night.

How can I speak to a Human at United Airlines?

Confessing about United Airlines, it is preferred by the majority of the passengers from the United States as it is a major airline of America. It has multiple facilities and provinces when they travel on their airline. When it comes to asking for something from the airline, travelers always prefer contacting United Airlines Customer Service. If you want to contact the customer service person of the airline, there are different procedures that you can follow to reach them. You might come up with different questions related to the airline and hence, may have doubts about the airline's service.

Relatable methods to reach the customer service of United Airlines:

When you have to understand the services of the airline, and you are in the position where you have no help, then you can contact the live person of the airline through these steps:

Through the calling process:

If you want an easy and direct step through which you can quickly contact the customer service person of the airline, then you can call their phone number 1 (800) 864-8331 or  1 (860) 864-8331. You can quickly get their phone number through internet searching and place a call to them. The customer service person of United Airlines will receive your call, and you have to inform them of the issues. They will come up with the best answers to solve your questions and resolve your problems.


There are different substitutes for the process of contacting the customer service that is provided by the airline to their travelers. If you have any problem contacting the airline through this process, you can choose live chat or email. They are the best alternative to replace the calling process medium. 

How Do I Complain to United Airlines?

In case of complaints, the passengers are advised to stick to the following ways to get in touch with customer care at United Airlines.

Through call

Calling the customer care department at United airlines is the best way twitch allow individuals scope through which they are able to file in complaints that they may have as far as United airlines’ reservation is concerned. The customer care at United airlines is available round the clock to serve the passengers in case of doubts and problems.

Through email

You could file your complaints at United by emailing them on the customer care email address that is released by the United airlines. Emailing is the most formal option available with the united airlines and the passengers must stick to them in case they would like to file a complaint. Moreover, the customer care department at United airlines will get back to you at the earliest.

Through Live Chat

The Live Chat option is available for lodging instant complaints that the passengers might have as far as their reservations are concerned. All you need to do is visit the official web page and there you will find the Live chat option through which you could raise your complaint.

United Airlines Official Information and Other Contacts

In case you would like to get in touch with the customer care department at the United airlines then below-mentioned is a directory that you could look to in case you would like to speak with a customer care representative at United airlines. 1800-864-8331

You could connect with the customer care representatives at United by contacting them using the number mentioned above and you are good to go. Apart from the customer care or the helpline number, there are still better ways that one could utilise like emailing the customer care department.

United Airlines Executives Contacts by Role: How to Contact United Airlines in the USA?

If you are calling from the USA, then you need to dial the following number in order to establish contact with the customer care at United Airlines.    1-800-864-8331

You could connect with them by dialling the number mentioned on the back of your MileagePlus card.

Speak to a Live Person at United Airlines : 1-800-864-8331 or 1 (860) 864-8331 (Customer Service Live Person)

Contact For USA And Canada

IVR Phone System                                          Phone Number

  • Dial 1-800-864-8331 or 1 (860) 864-8331
  • Book a Flight - Press 2                          1-855-820-3610
  • Existing reservation - Press 3                1-855-820-3610
  • Flight status -                                      1-866-276-7386
  • Baggage                                             1-877-858-3876
  • MileagePlus                                         1-866-820-3559
  • Receipts and other services                   1-800-490-2021
  • 24-hour Accessibility Desk                     1-800-323-0170

Help with reservations in other languages

                                                                       Phone Number

  • Cantonese                                             1-800-551-0943
  • Dutch                                                    1-800-225-8612
  • French                                                   1-800-537-3444
  • German                                                 1-800-537-2999
  • Hebrew                                                 1-800-225-8610
  • Italian                                                   1-800-537-8885
  • Japanese                                               1-800-537-3366
  • Korean                                                  1-800-825-2136
  • Mandarin                                               1-800-551-3062
  • Portuguese                                            1-800-323-5359
  • Spanish                                                 1-800-426-5561

How do I contact United Corporate by Phone?  1800-864-8331

In order to communicate with United Corporate the individuals could connect using the helpline number provided by United mentioned down below:


This is the phone number that one needs to dial in case they would like to communicate with United Corporate. I hope this helps with United Airline customer service. 

Frequently Asked Question–FAQs

Q. How do I get help with United Airlines?

Ans. How will I contact United Airlines for help?

There are many features of United Airlines that travelers want to know before they book their flight tickets with them. In such cases, they find the best option by connecting the United Airlines Customer Service. Every airline has the management that will reach the passengers, and then they will try to resolve the problems of the travelers. United Airlines is one airline with the same properties as any other airline.

Some easy modes to reach the customer service person of the airline:

When you are in trouble and want to contact the customer service person, then there are steps that can be helpful for you and assist you with all the solutions. The steps are mentioned down:

To go through their phone number:

When passengers ask for the most accessible medium to talk to the customer service assistant, they can call on their phone number. 

  • You can call on their number 1-800-864-8331 or 1 (860) 864-8331, and the live person present will receive your call.
  • After that, you can quickly inform the assistant of your troubles.
  • The customer service executive will reply to you with prominent and accurate answers.

To get in touch through live chat:

Airlines have many alternatives for their travelers and to talk to them through various procedures. One of them is live chat, for that you can follow the points:

  • Log in to the website of United Airlines and then tap on the contact us section on their home page.
  • Tap on the live chat, and a chat box will appear in which you have to type all your problems.
  • The customer service person will assist you with all the details of the airlines.

Q. Are United Airlines Live Experts Available Through The Live Chat Option? 

Ans. United Airlines live experts are available through live chat option, and they can help you with various aspects of your travel plans such as:

  • United Airlines reservations
  • Managing bookings or travel
  • Check-ins, boarding and luggage.
  • Flight cancellations and change.
  • Travel policies regarding booking cancellations, flight change, refunds, etc.
  • Deals and offers etc.
  • Any assistance on the United’s frequent flyer program, official website, mobile app, etc.

Moreover, one can also talk to a live person at united airlines through the live chat for other queries. The live chat option is also available for 24/7 and one can instantly talk to the experts and get on-time help from them regarding any of the travel aspects. Also, the live chat option on United Airlines is available through its official website.

Q. How To Connect With The United Airlines Customer Service Instantly?

Ans. The United Airlines Phone Number can help you talk to the live expert within no time. Also, you can talk through your queries with them until you get 100% satisfaction with the solutions and guidance offered by the live experts. The phone number is also 24/7 available and its services are also offered across 342 destinations. Hence, you can simply dial on the United’s phone number, and get help on your bookings.

Q. How To Connect With United Airlines Live Executives Via Email?

Ans. United Airlines customer support services are also available through email option, and one can share their grievances, complaints, important travel details, etc. through this contact option. Also, if you have any feedback to share with the live customer support executives, then you could -use the United Airlines email option. However, the turnaround timings may vary from phone support and live chat options. But, the live customer support agents will still get back to you through other contact options to provide you assistance with your travel plans and other related queries.

Q. Are United Airlines Customer Service Experts 24/7 Available?

Ans. One can talk to a live person at united airlines at any time and get help on their queries. Also, the contact options such as live chat & phone number let you connect with the experts much quickly as compared to other contact options. The live experts cover almost everything from bookings to boarding, cancellations to flight change, refunds to compensations, etc. Hence, you can connect with the United Airlines live experts without any hassle.

Q. Are United Airlines Customer Service experts available via Social Media?

Ans. United Airlines customer support agents are also available through its social media platforms such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc. You can connect with the experts through DMs, wall-posts, comments, messenger services, etc. However, you could also go through social media platforms to check out the latest deals, offers, vacation packages, and other recent updates. Also, the social media platforms of United Airlines can help you establish the instant connection with the live experts on United Airlines customer services.

Q. What Are The Prime Benefits Of Contacting United Airlines Live Experts Via Phone Number?

Ans. If you contact the live experts via United Airlines Phone Number, then you can easily get the benefits of the following.

  • The experts are instantly 24/7 available through phone number and can assist you within no time.
  • Real-time help is provided and 100% satisfaction is ensured through the phone call assistance.
  • One can discuss about their queries with the experts in thorough manner, and get instantly solutions to make their travel plans better.

Therefore, you could always connect with the live experts via United Airlines Phone Number, and ensure that you face any trouble with your travel plans, and also get the best info on your reservations’ deals and offers.

Q. How can I contact united airlines customer service?

Ans. Do you want to contact united airlines customer services? Are you facing any problems related to airlines? Many times it is seen that customers face many issues related to booking or refund etc. To get the resolution of these problems, customers need to contact united airlines customer service so that they can get the appropriate solution to their issue. There are various modes available to contact united airlines.

Modes to contact with united airlines

Contact United Airlines by Phone- Contact via phone is the preferable mode of contact. Customers can quickly contact united airlines customer services by dialing the phone number available on the official website. After dialing customer needs to follow the IVR options of the menu.

  • Press1- flight reservation
  • Press2 – change in existing reservation
  • Press3 – baggage policy
  • Press9-  speak to a live person.

Q. How do I Contact United Airlines by Email?

Ans.  Contact United Airlines by Email- If the customer is feeling difficulty in contacting via phone, then united airlines provides the option of sending email by composing email and send it on the official mail id provided at the bottom of the official website.

Q. How do I Contact United Airlines by Live Chat?

Ans. Contact United Airlines by Live chat- United airlines provide the option of live chat also provides 24*7 united airlines customer services. With the increase of automation and Artificial Intelligence, everybody started using it. And same goes with Airlines. Airlines also provide the live chat option through the bot and online assistant. Here are some steps that will facilitate the customer with live chat.

Steps to connect via live chat

  • Open up the official website of united airlines using any reliable web browser.
  • On the right-hand side, you will see the live chat option.
  • Click on the live chat option, and the live chat window will open.
  • Now the user will select the issue that he is facing from the options available.
  • Then the user needs to type their issue whatever they are facing.
  • If online assistance is available, they will assist the customer and try to give the best possible solution to the problem.
  • If the online assistant is not available, the automated bot will send the issue to the customer care executive or assistant, and the assistant will contact the customer as soon as possible and give the best possible solution to the customer's issue.

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