United Airlines Flight Change Policy

United Airline’s flight change policies and reservation rules have always helped the passengers to make reservations on time and travel with ease. However sometimes people are not able to change their bookings because they are not able to figure out the policies and the terms related to the flight changing. And if you are making the flight reservations in the United Airlines then you can readily change the booking with the help of their flight change policies.

Steps to Change the Flight Booking of The United Airlines

If you are changing the flight reservations on United Airlines then you can opt for the different types of methods involved.

Online process

  • You can make the changes in the bookings of the United Airlines with the help of their official website. Just tap on the ‘manage booking’ tab and then move ahead.
  • You will be asked to enter the booking number attached to the reservations followed by the option of change flight reservations.
  • Now follow the instructions on the page where all the booking details are given and then tap on the edit option. On the edit option, you can choose the type of flight change you want to implement. You can apply the changes such as date of reservations, time as well as the destination.
  • If there is any sort of fare difference then go for it and pay the outstanding balance. After that the changes you have made will be confirmed.

Call on The Helpline Number of the Airline

In the absence of the flight reservation website, you can also call on the helpline number or straight away contact the customer care team of the airline with which you can get the flight booking modified.

Flight Change Policies of The Airline

To change the flight reservations on the United Airlines in a proper manner, passengers should check the United Airlines Flight Change Policy first and then figure out if their bookings are eligible for the change or not.

  • To make any sort of changes in the flight, make sure the original reservation is confirmed so that you would be able to make the changes.
  • Next if you cancel the bookings within 24 hours of the booking then you will be allowed to cancel the booking free of cost.
  • Remember that all types of changes done in the reservations will be allowed just once and you can’t do it more than one time. Therefore whatever changes you are making in the bookings, do it carefully.
  • The changes in the name are not allowed, however you can correct/rectify the spelling mistake in the name of the passenger.
  • There are no grounds of changes in the flight reservations if you have not got the non refundable booking.

Contact The Helpline Team of The Airline

You can contact the customer care team of the airline for the help related to the flight reservation doubt. You can either dial the helpline number or simply drop an email so that the team would respond to your doubts immediately.

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