What is the right approach to get your money back from United Airlines?

Are you searching for answers to your concern on how to get your refund money back from United Airlines? United Airlines is among the airlines that provides travellers with the option of receiving a refund in the event of a flight cancellation. Aside from that, United Airlines supports a reasonable refund policy, which specifies how much money a passenger can receive back after a flight is cancelled by them. You can get the right information on how to get your money back from United Airlines, by following the details given below.

How to request your money back from United Airlines?

If you are wondering that how can I get my money back from United Airlines and looking for the right approach to do so, you can find the details here. To get your money back from the United Airlines, you must follow a standard procedure, which is detailed below.

  • Visit the United Airlines website, and look for the refund request form there
  • Then you must fill in that form with your contact details and other asked information
  • After that, choose the flight on which you want your money back and enter your ticket number and the last name
  • Afterwards, you must insert a supporting document and then provide your email address so that refund notices can be sent to you
  • Finally, click on the submit button to receive confirmation that your refund request has been approved by United Airlines

What is the policy of United Airlines to refund your money?

The amount of money you get back from United Airlines after cancelling a flight in an emergency is either full or partial, depending on their refund policy. The points provided below address the specifics mentioned under the refund policy of United Airlines.

  • According to United Airlines' refund policy, you will becomes eligible to get back your money only after you submit a refund request to them.
  • Once, United Airlines approves the refund request, the money is returned to the passenger account by them within 7 days for credit card transactions and up to 20 days for cash payments.
  • To get the money back from United Airlines for a cancelled flight fare, you must send a refund request up to 15 days before the scheduled departure of the flight.
  • United Airlines' refund policy states that when a passenger cancel a refundable ticket, the money will be transferred back to their original payment method used during the transaction.
  • United Airlines gives back the money to the passengers for a non-refundable flight by charging an additional fee up to $50-$150 per person and provide in the form of a credit which they can use for booking a flight with them for a future date.

Above is detailed information about how a passenger who has cancelled a flight due to an emergency will get their money back from United Airlines. Furthermore, you have received specific information about the requirements for receiving a refund from United Airlines in accordance with their policy. If you do need assistance from United Airlines about your refund or any other services, you can call their customer service and speak with a live representative.

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