How Do I contact Aer Lingus by phone?

Aer Lingus is the flag carrier airline of the Ireland. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of International Airlines Group. The head office of the airline is at Dublin. It is the former member of One world airline alliance. The customer service department of the airline is so effective and give round the clock assistance to its customers. If you have any query then you can contact the customer support team of the airline. In this article we will see the different ways of contacting the airlines to solve our queries.

Contacting the Aer Lingus by phone:

It is the most common way of contacting the airlines which is referred by the number of users The phone support is an instant method of getting the information about reservation, booking and much more. For contacting the airlines by telephone follow these below detailed instructions:

  1. Firstly you have to dial 1 (800) 474-7424 or 1 (802) 880-8269 the customer support number of the airlines.

  2. After getting connected to the phone call you will hear instructions related to the typing of different keys for different queries, like press 2 for booking related queries and much more.

  3. Type the key for speaking to the live person.

  4. After completion of the third step you will be connected to the live person and you can directly tell your queries to the person. They will definitely provide you with an effective solution. 

Alternative ways of contacting the airlines:

  1. Via Live chat:

For conducting the live chat session with the airlines you have to visit the official website of Lingus. The option is available 24 by 7 and the customers can easily clear their doubts in the conversation time.

  1. Via Email:

Imagine that you do not want a long conversation with the airline's management. In these cases emailing the airline is the most preferred option which is used by the many users. You can write your query in the provided mailbox at the official website and click on the submit button. After receiving your message the member of the customer support team will acknowledge you and take your issue to the management. After waiting for some time you will definitely get an effective solution.

  1. Via social sites:

Social media platforms help in transferring the communication and the craze for social media is increasing day by day. The airline is present at various social media platforms and you can directly contact the airlines through the help of these platforms. Contacting via this mode has an advantage over others that you will get the attraction of viewers.

  1. Via FAQ section:

Imagine that you are dealing with a minor issue then do not go to the long conversation process and select the mode of Frequently asked questions. You will find different questions with specified answers on the official website of the airlines. Search bar is also the reason you can ask your question in the provided Search bar and the management will reply to you after some time.

In this article we have seen various ways of contacting the airlines other than Aer Lingus contact number. Always choose the communication mode according to your preference & needs. 

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