Can you receive your refund from Aer Lingus?

Would you like to find out if you can get a refund for your Aer Lingus flight? Aer Lingus passengers can get a refund if they'll have to cancel their booked flight ticket owing to a last-minute crisis. Aer Lingus enables passengers to cancel their flight tickets and get a refund due to the circumstances. Aer Lingus passengers who satisfy certain requirements are entitled for a refund from the airline. You can look to the information provided below for further information on whether or not you can receive a refund from Aer Lingus, and if so, how.

How to receive a refund from Aer Lingus?

As you are aware, Aer Lingus provides customers with a reimbursement for a cancelled trip based on particular conditions that the traveler must meet. In addition, if you're wondering how to approach Aer Lingus for a refund, please follow the steps outlined below.

  • To get a refund on an Aer Lingus flight, go to airline's official website to look for the refund claim form.
  • Then, fill out all of the required information about the flight over which you want a refund from airlines.
  • Once you've provided all of the necessary information, such as the flight booking code, the passenger's last name, and a few other details, submit the refund request.
  • The airlines will approve your refund request for selected flight after receiving it and will provide a refund to your credit card or debit card that is originally used to make the transaction.
  • Or you can request a refund for your Aer Lingus flight by contacting the airline's reservation office that will verify your entitlement and confirm the claim.

Know about the Aer Lingus' refund policy?

You should be informed of Aer Lingus' refund policy that can help you determine when you could be eligible for a refund if your flight is cancelled. The following are some essential facts to remember concerning Aer Lingus refund policy.

  • Aer Lingus offers a full refund if travelers cancel a trip within 24 hours of booking for a flight departing up to 7 or more days afterwards.
  • Aer Lingus also refund passengers who miss a flight with more than 24 hours, however they take a considerable amount from the original ticket price in form of a cancellation charge.
  • In seven days, Aer Lingus returns the refundable funds towards the original method of payment, and travelers are notified via email once the transaction takes place.
  • If a person of the direct family passes, Aer Lingus will refund the passengers in full for the cancelled flight provided they show a death certificate.
  • Remember that refund clearance for payments with debit cards takes longer than refund clearance for payments made with credit cards since it is reliant on issuing bank.

You can find out if you may get a refund from Are Lingus for a ticket that you booked but will not be travelling on by going through the specifics of its refund policy, as well as the method to apply for it, from above. You can also contact the airline's customer service department for more assistance.

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