What Is The Sun Country Airlines Flight Change Policy?

Sun Country is the airline of America that offers its air travel services at a low and reasonable price. It started its air operation 38 years ago at a small level but it connects more than 50 destinations. It knows that plans of its customers may change till last-minute before the flight departure.

It has introduced the flight change policy which was made to provide flexibility to its customers. It allows you to change the Sun Country flights according to the rules made by the airline. To understand in a better way, you should follow the vital points given in the booking change rules.

Sun Country Airlines Flight Change Policy

  • Always attempt to change your flight within 24 hours of making the original reservation. This gives you an upper hand due to the free change rule but only applies when done before 7 days of departure.

  • If you need to make a same day flight change, perform this task easily as you have the option to do it even before 3 hours of departure. However, you need to pay a penalty to perform this task.

  • According to the official rules, pay up to $100 as a flight change fee. But, the penalty is highest when you try to change its flight on the same day of departure.

  • Select the same flight route and destinations when you change your flight with this airline. Apart from it, it is mandatory that new flights should be operated by this airline only.

  • To change the flight, you have two options. First, go online and visit its manage booking and another one is to contact the airline directly through a phone call to a live person of the airline.

  • You need to pay $50 when you try to change your flight for booking change in 59 to 14 days before travel. Moreover, you need to give $100 when changing 14 or less days before the flight departure.

  • If you need to change the flight due to any change which you need to make due to a death of a family member or due to any medical condition, change fee is 0 that you need to pay.

When you use the following rules, you can easily get the vital rules of the reservation change policies of this airline. If you have any doubt about Sun Country Flight Change Policy, obtain the official details from the customer support of the airline. This way you can get the information which you can use during flight change.

Steps To Change Sun Country Airlines Flight

  • Visit the online portal of Sun Country Airlines through your internet browser.

  • Select the My Trips option and give the login details about your booking.

  • Retrieve the booking details by entering the manage booking section.

  • Select the Flight Change tab and choose the essential details of your new flight.

  • Go to the check-out page and pay the required change fee with any difference amount.

  • Get the confirmation email about the same on your linked email address.

Through these flexible flight modification rules and a process, getting the reservation change details is quite easy. Those who face any issue about Sun Country Flight Change Policy can get in touch with the official customer service of this airline. Use the 24/7 available support to obtain extra details about the booking change policy of this airline.

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