How Far In Advance Can I Book A Flight On United Airlines?

United Airlines is one of the best passenger carriers in the country. It is quite eminent for their service not only in America but in the world too. It is headquartered in Chicago and covers more than three hundred destinations.  

If you are traveling with it or planning to fly with it, then you must be aware of United Airlines Flight Booking process. Though, most people consider last-minute bookings or a month prior to departure. But, there is a fixed period in which you can do the advance booking with United Airlines. We have covered a detailed study of it below, and points that you should know along with the benefits.

What Is The Time Of Advance Booking On United Airlines?

United Airlines is one of the finest airlines when it comes to meeting customer expectations. As per the reservation policy, you can book ticket online 330 days before you travel. Yes, it is quite close to one year. 

But, it is feasible only when you go for the online booking not offline. Even, if you are not sure about the trip, then you can make booking 3 months prior to the departure. It is quite helpful for those who plan for everything, it gives them enough time to manage things and there are many other benefits too. We have covered some major benefits at last of this blog. There are certain things that you have to remember while booking on United Airlines in advance.

Things To Keep Remember While Booking On United Airlines 

There are certain things that will help you to do the booking in prior in a much better way. 

  • If you cancel the tickets that you have done in advance, then you will get the refund only the amount you pay, not on the current price 
  • You can cancel ticket whenever you want, but it at least 7 days prior to the departure 
  • For international booking, you might have to put a hold on the booking or you can save it for a future booking. There is an option on the website where you can easily select the flight and put it on hold 
  • You are allowed to make online payments only, like credit and debit. Next, if you fly frequently, then you must get some travel Points

You can see what points play an imperative role in advance booking. You can follow them and read further to know the benefits of it. 

Benefits Of Advance Booking With United Airlines 

  • Easy To Manage Bookings 

If there is any change in the planning, then you can easily manage them or reschedule it without bearing any additional fee. 

  • No Cancellation Charges  

If you cancel the ticket before the departure more than 7 days prior, then you don’t have to bear the cancellation charges. 

  • Free From The Last Minute Hassle 

Last-minute deals come with additional charges as well as raised charges. So, with this, you can avoid this. 

So it is a complete detail of United Airlines advance booking. You can go with customer support too to know more about it. 

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