Cancellation Of A Non-Refundable Flights

Cancellations are natural. They can occur in any emergent circumstances like a sudden death, injury or even an important appointment. What if the flight is non-refundable? Losses..? Not an option. So in this article, let us read about certain things that can be done to cancel a non-refundable flight.

There are five possibilities of cancelling a non-refundable flight. These are as follows:

  • You can go for beating the cancellation Window: Try cancelling you flight within 24 hours of booking. That is completely free of cost, again, that varies from airlines to airlines, depending upon which airlines you are planning to fly with.
  • Try opting for insurance: Even if there is one per cent chance of cancellation in case of a non-refundable flight. Go for a booking insurance. A flight booking insurance might help you in getting the refunds, even in the case of non-refundable flights.
  • Pay the change fee: If we compare, change is fee is a smaller loss. Try rescheduling the stuff if that is possible. So going for the change fee and rescheduling the plan would be a great option. Airlines having high restrictions do not let you pay the change fee and escape.
  • Pleading: Okay, so this one completely depends upon the support person you are talking to. You can place a call to the Service person’s desk and plead about your case. Sometimes, they do hear to the customer in case of genuine reasons like injury, death or appointments. There is a chance that they might accept your request application of cancel and refund. But, not everyone sitting there is same.  Again this varies from airlines to airlines according to their terms of conditions.
  • A Hopeful Disaster:  When you are over all the above options, you can just pray for a significant delay or cancellation or some sort of aircraft maintenance of the flight at the airlines’ end. In that case, the airlines will offer a rebooking or future travel voucher which can vary from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

So these are the methods that can be looked upon in order to cancel a non-refundable flight. 

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