Imagine you have geared up for your upcoming trip and right before your flight date, your boss calls up canceling your leaves on the pretext of any urgent work. Sad, you decide to cancel your trip and think of not boarding the flight which is known as no show policy. Usually, if any passenger decides not to board his flight then as the protocol, he or she should cancel the bookings. Choosing not to show up at the flight day is never the right choice. As per the rule, you should always prefer to cancel the bookings and notify the airline.

Reasons to Choose Flight Cancelation Instead of Not Showing Up

  • If the travel plans get canceled then you should prefer canceling the flight instead of not showing up, because after cancellation you can at least claim your flight refund. if you leave your bookings without informing the airline then your bookings would anyway get terminated and you won’t be able to apply for any type of the flight refund
  • Usually, passengers fear going through complex flight cancellation policies, and because of this reason, they leave their bookings. But even if you have to cancel the flight booking in urgent time also, and then make sure to claim your refund or else the airline won’t consider your flight refund once the flight takes off.
  • Another perk of canceling the flight booking is that you can either apply for a partial or even full flight refund. The refund request that you drop, would depend on the type and time of the fare booked.

And therefore with the help of the following Flight cancellation policy, you can easily cancel the flight and apply for a flight refund. And in case you have any doubt related to the airline policies, you can contact the customer care team of the airline. They will guide you with the appropriate move.

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