Guide to file a complaint with United Airlines

United Airlines is one of the major airlines which provides its services to both international and domestic regions and is known for the best possible services it provides to its passengers while they are flying and giving them a convenience to sort out their problems while they are sitting at their homes as well. United believes that one must be more focused on what the passenger wants in the aviation industry and this is just how they can have a thriving business.

If you had a flight with United Airlines and the experience you had wasn’t on the brighter side and you wish to make a complaint with United but the question which pops up in your mind is how to file a complaint with United Airlines. No worries, the below mentioned points will help you with the same;

File a complaint with United Airlines

The below mentioned points will help you on the procedure to file a complaint with United Airlines;

  • With the help of your web browser, login or continue as a guest on the official website of United Airlines.
  • Once the page loads, it will ask you to choose the language.
  • Choose your desired language for the page.
  • Locate and click on ‘Search’ on the top right corner of the page.
  • It will redirect you to a completely new webpage.
  • The following page will consist of a form for you to fill.
  • Input your personal details like your Name, Address and your contact information.
  • Choose the option ‘Suggestion/Comment’ in the Type of Feedback section.
  • Login so that you can easily add the flight you had the problem for.
  • In the details section, write down the experience you had and you can also add on any attachments if you feel the need.
  • Choose the additional information and also mention the way in which you'd like to get a revert for your complaint from United Airlines.

Therefore, with the help of the above mentioned ways one can easily file a complaint with United Airlines.

File a complaint through Phone

You can also make a complaint to United Airlines through your phone. On the feedback form page, you’ll find the official phone number for you to make a phone call to the complaint department. You can easily file your complaint by making a phone call to their complaint department and keeping all of your information handy so that you can easily share the details of the flights.

Thus, you can also file a complaint by making a phone call to the united airlines complaint number with the help of the steps mentioned above so that one can easily make a note of the problems you faced and even United can improve their services so that the next time you fly you just cannot have a chance to make a complaint.

Benefits of Complaint Form

The complaint department or the complaint form has a lot of benefits as you cannot just improve your services if you are totally getting the point that what actually the passenger wants or requires. You have to provide a platform for them as well so that they can also come forward and speak on their issues and concerns.

How do you contact United Airlines to file a complaint?

Have you encountered issues on a United Airlines flight and are planning to file a complaint? Customers can register a complaint during any time if they think they have suffered poor service from United Airlines. United Airlines has an excellent customer care team that can address any complaints. If you're unsure how to contact United Airlines to file a complaint, the information below will walk you through the process.

Learn how to file a complaint with United Airlines?

  • You should first visit the United Airlines website to submit your complaint.
  • After that navigate to the contact us link on the main page and locate the complaint form.
  • Then you must fill in your information, which must contain both reservation and contact details.
  • Next, under the type of feedback area, select the comment option.
  • Then select the category for which you want to file a complaint with the airline.
  • Afterwards, by logging into your account, you must add your flight for which you are complaining.
  • Next, in the provided blank box, write a few details about your unpleasant experience.
  • Then you may attach a supporting document to your complaint and select your preferred contact method.
  • Finally, hit the submit button to send your complaint to United Airline's customer service, and you will receive a response as soon as possible.

In addition to using the online feedback form to contact United Airlines with a complaint, you can also call their customer service number. When you call the airlines customer service number, you can tell the assigned executive about your negative experience and register a complaint with them.

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