How do I pick my seat on Alaska Airlines?

Booking a flight ticket can be confusing for the unacquainted. The procedure of first choosing a flight among numerous options and then going through all the policies of the given Airline, like baggage and check-in, is a lengthy task for any new flyer. And even if one is well versed in air travel, the differing services, flights, and policies of each Airline is not so easy to remember.

One of the integral parts of any flight journey is to choose the best seat on board to get maximum comfort and a memorable flying experience. However, the seats of each airplane differ, and it's suitable for a person to check beforehand which seat should be booked. Alaska Airlines is a popular flying option on the American continent. Those planning to fly with the Airline should read the Alaska Airlines seat selection guidelines to get the best flight seat booked for that upcoming trip.

Which seat should I book on an Alaska Airlines flight?

  • Generally, on any given airplane, seats are divided among three cabins: the economy, business, and first-class.
  • Seats can be widely distinguished as aisle, middle, or row seats within such cabins. Flights may or may not have two other types of seats called the Exit row seats and the bulkhead seats.
  • Aisle seats are the ones that are just at the corner of the walking aisle on a plane. These seats allow one to get up at will without disturbing the fellow row-mates, and one can walk around easily on long-haul flights to ease their constricted legs. 
  • However, one sitting on the Aisle seat is guaranteed to be disturbed every time one of the row-mates has to visit the washroom or for some other reason. Also, one may experience a few knocks and bumps on occasions as any other person may walk on the aisle.
  • The window seats are especially the best for a long-haul flight as they have more headrest if one may desire to sleep. Window seats are great for looking outside now and then to break the monotonous sights in the flight interiors. But, you will have to disturb all the seatmates in your row each time you get up.
  • Middle seats are the least preferred ones, as they don't offer any particular benefit like the Aisle or Window seats but instead possess their drawbacks. One cannot expect to get up easily or have a window, but they surely can disturb fellow passengers while visiting the washroom.
  • The Bulkhead seats are a good option for people having a larger than average body stature as they offer more leg space than the other counterparts. However, options like entertainment screens on the back of the seat at the front are not present as the armbar usually has a screen that is not so leisurely. And if any flight emergency arises, then the bulkhead seat passengers are first expected to lend a helping hand.
  • In any case, skip the seats close to washrooms, the flight attendant cabin, and the galleys as they tend to be noisy and have lots of people and traffic operating near them.

Those who possess a greater than average body height should always check for the seat pitch while making an Alaska Airlines seat selection. The seat pitch is a direct indicator of the available legroom on a seat, and so one should look for a higher seat pitch for more legroom.

One can contact Alaska Airlines customer support for any further queries on the features and availability of a seat and get a confirmed booking.

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