Revolutionary Alaska Airlines Flight Change Policies

Air travel has never been so flexible. When you combine the existing flight change policies with the new ones, you can easily tell how Alaska Airlines has accomplished making flight modification the next big thing in the airline industry. As opposed to the traditional rules followed by most airlines, the new structure introduced will surely win Alaska Airlines more fans in the future. The new structure of Alaska Airlines flight change policy and how you can enjoy the existing ones are all shared here in detail.

Elimination of flight change fee on Main and First Class fares

All this time, people have been paying the additional charges for flight change, irrespective of their ticket type. Only those who had premium memberships were allowed to enjoy some extent of flexibility, but now, with the new policy in place, everyone who books their ticket in the Main and First class is allowed to change their flight, free of cost. Before you do, though, you must consider these terms and conditions.

  • You don’t make any additional payments when you choose to change your flight; however, as per Alaska Airlines flight change policy, you do need to pay for the fare difference.

  • If you fail to change the flight before departure and do not notify the airline about your absence, the airline will execute the no-show policy, and you will not be eligible for any change or refund.

  • Passengers can make changes on the same day at the check-in counter. You will need to pay a $25 to $50 fee, but no fare difference.

  • If you booked through saver fares, you can not make any changes to your booking.

Eligibility for online flight change

Alaska Airlines gives you the flexibility to make changes to your flight through their online portal. As per the Alaska Airlines flight change policy, you can avail this service if,

  • You reserved your seat directly through the airline, not through a third-party site.

  • In cases where multiple passengers are involved in your booking, no one has checked in for the departure.

  • When you reserved your seat, you did not use saver fares or government fares.

  • Your booking is not a group booking; you can make changes if less than 7 people are involved in the reservation.

  • For multi-stop flights, the number of stops does not exceed 8.

  • If you travel a multi-stop flight through any Alaska Airlines partners using the miles points, you can not change the flight reservation.

  • According to the Alaska Airlines flight change policy, if you made any request for special services, you are not eligible for the flight change.

  • In cases where travel agents are involved, please connect with them for further assistance.

Fee for flight change 

Previously the airline used to charge a whopping amount of $125 for the flight change. The fee was between $100 to $200 based on the type of ticket you flew with. With the new policy at your disposal, you only need to pay $25-$50 at the check-in when you change your flight; this is applied to all types of tickets booked under the new and improved Alaska Airlines flight change policy except for the ones purchased through the saver fare and government fare.

For further clarification and queries, please contact an Alaska Airlines executive. These professionals have solutions for every query.

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