How do I upgrade my seat on Alaska Airlines for free?

 If you are a gold or platinum member with Alaska Airlines you can upgrade your seat for free if you have a confirmed reservation and the seat is available. Upgrading your seat on Alaska Airlines can be done for free if you are traveling with an infant, a toddler, an infant-aged child, a young child (3 to 11 years old), or a student who has a current school-issued ID. If you are traveling with an adult aged 12 or older, you will be required to pay the difference between the upgraded seat price and the seat you are traveling in. Go to the Alaska Airlines website and select your destination to upgrade. Once on the flight page, click on 'My Trip' in the top right corner and 'Upgrade My Seats.' From here, you will be able to select the seat that you would like to upgrade to and enter your ticket number. If traveling with more than one person, you will need to enter each person's name who will be traveling in the upgraded seat. There is no easy way to upgrade your seat on Alaska Airlines for free. However, there are a few ways to get closer to a seat upgrade that may be more suitable for you. Here are some tips:

  • Internet Browser-  Open the internet browser on your mobile, laptop and desktop.
  • Visit Website-  When you open your internet browser then visit the website of Alaska Airlines
  • Check the status of your ticket- You can check the status of your ticket by logging into your accounts online and clicking on "my tickets." From here, you can see all of your tickets, including upcoming changes or upgrades.
  • See if there are any standby or standby plus seats available- If you are traveling on a specific flight and don't see the right seat available on the plane, try looking for seats in the standby or standby plus category. This may give you an opportunity to upgrade to a better seat later.
  • Contact Customer Service- If you need to change your ticket or upgrade your seat type, you can contact customer service directly by phone at 1800-252-7522 or  1 (802) 636-9417 or by email at Please be aware that some changes may not be possible or may require a fee.
  • Try the online chat feature- This may be helpful if you have specific questions or need assistance in upgrading your ticket.
  • Get Creative- Sometimes, all you need is little creativity to get what you want. For Example- If you are flying during a low season and have a window seat, consider trying to get an aisle seat instead. If you are traveling with a child, try talking to the airline about upgrading them to an adult seat( many airlines have special deals for families). The possibilities are endless.
  • Sign up for Alaska Airlines e-mail notification system-  This will help you stay updated on changes or updates that may occur related to your flight reservation.

If none of these options work for you, feel free to reach out to Alaska Airlines customer service team for further assistance. They are more than happy to help!

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