Tap Air Portugal Pet Policy

Tap Air Portugal allows passengers to make a pet inclusive reservation wherein passengers could carry pets with them on their flight reserved with Tap Air Portugal.

A cabin or a hold is generally used for pet transport at Tap Air Portugal. This is particularly categorised according to size, breed, age and weight. Also, comfort and safety is yet another concern at Tap Air Portugal.

As far as reservations are concerned, it is highly advised to make an advance booking so that your pet gets to travel on your next trip.

If you are willing to take your pet on your next reservation, then you have come to the exact right place. In this paper, we are going to have a detailed view of the Tap Air Portugal Pet Policy. So follow until the end. 

Pet ticket reservation with Tap Air Portugal

The availability of pet carriage service depends on the following below mentioned factors that are: 

  • First and foremost, it is space. If there is space available on the plane, your pet will get accommodated. 

  • Next, comes the type of aircraft and the class that you have selected for flying with Tap Air Portugal.

  • Also, it depends whether pets that are being taken on the plane are allowed into the destination country or not. 

  • The kind of animal and weight of animal are other things that are taken into consideration as far as pet transport is concerned. 

  • The total weight of the container also plays a major role as far as Pet travel on the plane is concerned.

  • Age also plays a vital factor and as per the pet policy of Tap Air Portugal, a pet should have attained the age of 10 weeks to become eligible for travel on the Tap Air Portugal flight.

These things only point out the necessity of making a 24-hour prior notice to the airline if you are planning on taking your pet with you on the flight. Hence, the reservation must be made 24 hours in advance. This allows the airline to make the required arrangements for your pet. 

Breeds and number of animals to be carried

Tap Air Portugal allow pet parents to take with them only dogs and cats in the cabins. If you happen to have a pet other than mentioned before then it is the hold that is used to carry the pet on the plane. 

Each passenger should bring with them one container with one or more animals and this is purely based on the availability which is determined by the airline.

Size of the container and its types

Passengers must notify the airline regarding the container type that they are planning to get their pet in. Along with this passengers are required to notify the airline regarding the length, width and height of the container. 

Also, make sure that you have opted for a malleable container for the transport of your pet. In case you have selected a rigid container, the pet will have to travel in the hold. 

The total permissible weight of the container and the pet together

As far as the weight limitations are concerned, Tap Air Portugal Pet Policy, allow passengers to travel with their pets if the weight of the container along with the pet is no more than 8 kilograms/17 lb in total.

And the Size limitations are as follows: 40X33X17.

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