Get Complete Information on How to Book Pet Reservations with Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines, as you might know, is an airline that is quite popular for offering its passengers affordable travel options. But, do you have any whether the airline offers any provision for pet travel? Well, for the passengers who are planning to confirm the booking for their fluffy friend, they can check out the information mentioned in this article and plan out pet travel.

Key Details Regarding the Pet Policy of Spirit Airlines 

Apart from offering passengers the finest travel services, the airline offers travelers an option to plan out the trip with their furry friends. However, before confirming the pet reservations with the airline, it is required that the passenger has details regarding the guidelines of the Spirit Airlines pet policy that includes the following pointers. 

  • As per the airline guidelines, the airline permits pets only on domestic flights. 
  • Also, the airline permits only certain pets onboard that include, domestic cats and dogs, small rabbits, and household birds. 
  • Further, only six pet containers are allowed on board. So, for confirming the pet travel, the passenger needs to contact the airline in advance. 
  • The passengers traveling with pets need to check-in at the ticket counter 

How Do I Book a Pet on Spirit Airlines?

Other important guidelines for booking pet reservations with Spirit Airlines

Apart from the key pointers of Spirit Airlines pet policy, the passenger needs to keep these guidelines in mind to easily plan out the pet travel with Spirit Airlines.

Pet Reservations & Booking

  • As per the airline guideline, pets are not permitted on international flights except for service animals. 
  • Also, a maximum of two pets is allowed per container. But, the passenger can travel only with one container. 
  • Further, it is required that the pet is at least eight weeks or older. 
  • The total dimension of the pet container should not exceed 18"x14"x9".
  • Moreover, the total weight of the pet and the container should not exceed 18.14 Kg. 
  • Further, Spirit Airlines don't transport pet via cargo. 
  • Birds are not allowed To and From the cities in Puerto Rico or U.S.V.I.
  • The passengers traveling with the pet are not allowed to sit on the first row and emergency rows. 

Thus, these are the few guidelines of Spirit Airlines pet policy that one requires to know before confirming their pet reservations with the airline. Besides, for the passengers who are wondering how they can confirm pet reservations with the airline, they can check out the details mentioned below. 

How to book pet reservations with Spirit Airlines? 

Abiding by the various guidelines of the Spirit Airlines pet policy, the passenger needs to contact the reservation center of the airline. Further, the passenger can provide the required details and confirm the booking for their pet.  

Besides, the passenger can even confirm pet reservations by sending a message or WhatsApp to the airline and confirming the pet reservation in time. 

Thus, this is the complete details regarding the Spirit Airlines policy for pet travel and other travel requirements. So, keep these basic pointers in mind and plan out your pet booking in time to enjoy a memorable journey with your fluffy pet onboard. 

Spirit Airlines Pet Policy

Does spirit airlines allow pets onboard?

Suppose you wish to travel along with your pet with spirit airlines and are now confused if the airlines even allow a pet to travel or not, then read out this article to get the answers. Like a domestic dog, domestic cat rabbits, and household birds, your small furry friend is allowed on the aircraft. You may refer to the pet policy spirit airlines given below. 

Spirit airlines pet travel policy

  • Passengers do not require to carry a health certificate of their pets traveling along on the aircraft as per the policy. 

  • If you are traveling to Puerto Rico, then the airlines do not require a rabies vaccination certificate as well.

  • Spirit airlines only allow domestic cats, small rabbits, domestic dogs, and household birds on board.

  • Exotic animals and any kind of reptile-like snake, spiders are not allowed on board.

  • Passengers can carry two pets in one container as only two pets are allowed per guest, and one container is permitted on one passenger.

  • Ensure that your pet is at least eight weeks old to travel with spirit airlines.

  • Your pet should not be suffering from any illness; it should not be violent or in any sort of physical distress.

  • Passengers carrier along with the pet should not exceed the weight of 40 pounds as per the policy.

  • Spirit Airlines does not facilitate pets in cargo. 

Moreover, passengers are free to get a hold of the live person from the customer support team of spirit airlines through call, chat, email, and social media. The spirit airlines pet policy is highlighted above in this article for your reference. The customer executive will help you out to get further information.

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