How To Use Singapore Airlines Booking Management Tool 

The booking management tool helps you do more than just flight cancellation and refund form submission. It allows you to customize your flight experience. As a passenger, you don’t realize how much flexibility and control you have over your own booking, but open this powerful tool once, and you will understand there is much to explore in this domain. There are many features that can be accessed to understand the scope of utilization. This article will explore in detail all the functions available and the correct way to use them. 

Features available in the tool

When you open the ‘Singapore Airlines Manage Booking’ tool, you will come across the following features. 

  • Cancellation and Refund: It allows one to cancel their ticket, show them the refund amount they are eligible for, deduction made in the refund and reason for reduction, the refund form one can submit, other compensation options available, and other small details available with the service. One can also check the status of the previously canceled flight and the immediate status of the refund. 
  • Seat Selection: This feature allows you to reserve a particular seat on the aircraft in advance. The system will display how much you need to pay for blocking the seat based on the type of ticket you have booked. 
  • Seat Upgrade: If a passenger wishes to change their experience and upgrade their seat to a higher class, they can do so by paying the upgrade price. This service is dependent on availability, so if no seats are left in the higher class, the passengers can not upgrade their seats. 
  • Itinerary Modification: As the name suggests, this Singapore Airlines Manage Booking Tool will allow one to modify the flight details, such as date of departure or landing, time of departure and landing, addition of stops to the flight, changing the route, personal details correction, addition or removal passengers, etc. The airline will charge you the modification fees based on your ticket class, the flight in question, how far before the departure you are trying to make the changes, etc. 
  • Additional Services: These services hold a multitude of options such as the reservation of medical equipment, physical travel aid for the dependent, special food and beverages for medical conditions, extra baggage check-in, support for the elderly, assistance for minors traveling alone, booking and reserving space for pets, etc. The amount one needs to pay will depend on airline policies and other factors surrounding the flight. 

You can explore all these options once you book a ticket, or if you have a previously booked ticket. But how can one access these features? 

Accessing the Booking Management Tool

There are two ways you can get hold of this information. One is through membership, while the other method is for guests or people who fly occasionally. 

  • Guest Login: If you are not a member of the KrisFlyer program, you will be able to use the above-mentioned features only by logging into your management tool, and for this, you need your booking confirmation number and the registered name. You can only access the details of one particular flight at a time. 
  • KrisFlyer Login: If you have a KrisFlyer id, then opening the Singapore Airlines Manage Booking feature becomes easier. You put your ‘KrisFlyer membership number’ & the ‘6-digit-PIN’. This way, you get to access all your previous, current, and, if booked, future flights. 

Although one can get the same help from the customer service, managing the services on your own will give you greater flexibility, and it will not cost you any extra fees.

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