Get complete information on how one can cancel their bookings with Hawaiian Airlines 

Planning to cancel your reservations confirmed with Hawaiian Airlines and have no idea about the cancellation policy of the airline? Then, in this article, you will be offered the complete guide that would help you to manage your booking before the scheduled departure. 

Guidelines to cancel a flight ticket booked with Hawaiian Airlines 

For the travelers who are willing to cancel their Hawaiian Airlines booking, here are some of the key pointers of the Hawaiian Airlines Cancellation Policy that they need to abide by before cancelling their booking and avoid any issue. 

  • As per the airline policy, the traveler can cancel their booking within 24 hours of the purchase of the Hawaiian flight ticket to claim a full refund. 
  • Further, to become eligible for the 24-hour cancellation window, it is required that the flight ticket is booked at least a week before the actual departure. 
  • Main cabin fares are non-refundable. But, in the 24-hour cancellation window, the traveler can request a full refund.
  • In case, if the cancellation is made outside the 24-hour window, they might need to make payment for the cancellation fee. 
  • And with the recent update in the cancellation policy, the traveler is offered a fee waiver that one can confirm by reaching out to the reservation department of the airline. 

Thus, these are the few key pointers of the  Hawaiian Airlines Cancellation Policy that one needs to keep in mind before cancelling their reservations with the airline. And travelers who are not aware of the cancellation procedure can follow the quick cancellation procedure provided in this article. 

Cancelling a flight ticket booked with Hawaiian Airlines 

For the travelers who are willing to cancel their booking, they need to abide by the Hawaiian Airlines Cancellation Policy pointers and follow the quick procedure to cancel the booking with the airline. 

  • Begin the process by visiting the official website of the airline.
  • Click on the Manage Flights tab and click on the My Trips option.
  • Now, on the next page, the traveler needs to enter the last name and enter the confirmation code for the reservation. 
  • After that, the traveler needs to verify whether their reservation is eligible for cancellation or not. 
  • If yes, then the traveler can opt for the cancellation and proceed.
  • Further, the traveler needs to confirm the cancellation prompt and will be provided with a confirmation mail.

However, travelers who have confirmed their Hawaiian reservations by a travel agent can reach out to them directly to modify their booking before the scheduled departure and process a timely refund. 

Still, have queries? Contact Hawaiian Airlines customer service

For the travelers who are failing to cancel their Hawaiian Airlines booking, they can reach out to the airline customer service to seek info regarding cancellation procedure and policies over the phone call, chat session, email, or text service. 

With this for all those planning to cancel their Hawaiian Airlines booking, this info would help them to easily process a refund or travel credit with much ease without any interruption. 

What is the Hawaiian Airlines Cancellation Policy?

Do you want to know the cancelation policy? Do Hawaiian airlines have a cancelation policy? Are you facing such type of issue? It is seen many customers want to know the Hawaiian airlines cancelation policy so that if any situation occurs, they will get a full refund or require to pay nominal charges. Some of the policies are listed below-

  1. Cancelation of flight from the airlines end if any such situation rises due to which Hawaiians need to cancel the flight then the customer will get a full refund or next time ticket coupon free to cost travel with some compensation include complimentary food or premium travel.
  2. Cancelation from customers ends within 24hours of booking- if the customer cancels the flight within 24hours of booking and wants to change the date of departure, then he will get a full refund subject to fulfillment of some conditions.
  3. If the customer cancels the fight after 24hours of booking- In this situation, if the customer cancels the flight after 24hours of booking, then the customer will get a full refund without cutting a single penny.
  4. In the case of fare insurance- if the customer took a ticket that is insured in case any cancelation occurs, then in case the customer will cancel the ticket, they will get a full refund. So if the customer thinks there is uncertainty, then the customer is advised to go for fare insurance.

How much is Hawaiian Airlines Cancellation Fee?

If the customer cancels the flight after 24 hours of booking of ticket, then the customer needs to pay some nominal cancelation charges in the case of Hawaiian airlines. Usually, the cancelation fee may vary from domestic to international flights.

  • In the case of domestic flights, the customers need to pay the fee of around $75 on cancelation.
  • In the case of international, the customers need to pay approx$500 on cancellation after 24hours of the booking.

What is the Hawaiian Airlines Cancellation Refund policy?

Do you want to know about the refund policy of Hawaiian airlines after cancellation? Are you looking for an airline's refund policy? If you are also dealing with such type of questions and wants to know the answer of these questions so here are the Hawaiian airlines Cancellation refund that help you to decide when to cancel the flight or what to do if already done cancellation and refund is still not initiated.

 There are two types of refund.

  1. Full refund- There are certain situations in which customers can claim a full refund without payment of a single charge. So if the customer wants to get a full refund, he will have to read the below-mentioned policy carefully-
  • If the Hawaiians cancel the flight due to some technical reason or any other reason, then the customer is eligible for a full refund with some complimentary coupons from the airline's side, or the customer can get the golden ticket of the next flight that is called a premium ticket.
  • If the customer cancels the flight within 24hours of booking of ticket or purchase of a ticket, Hawaiian's provides the option to get a full refund without payment of any additional charges.
  • If the ticket s booked in advances like before 90days, so with some days like say within 60days, if the customer cancels the flight, then the customer is eligible for a full refund.

2.      Refund after paying cancelation charges- if the customer cancels the flight after 24hours of booking and the ticket is not covered under the fare insurance, then the customer can claim a refund on paying cancelation charges.

Covid Cancellation Policy of Hawaiian Airlines

  • All travels booked by any passenger in Hawaiian Airlines will receive the booking compensation when the flight was cancelled due to COVID 19.
  • Flight tickets purchased between May 1, 2021, and Aug 16, 2021, must be applied towards the purchase of new flight tickets.
  • New flights can be purchased for the unused value of the flight tickets only within the parameter of the original reservation.
  • All passengers will get this option to rebook a new flight for cancellation caused due to COVID 19.
  • The flight rebooking must be made at most one year from the date on which your flight was cancelled.

Hawaiian Airlines flight Cancellation Refund

This airline has a speciality as it gives every customer an opportunity to gain a refund for its flight. You could effectively gain a refund from the Hawaiian flight by using the official rules. You will receive Hawaiian Airlines Cancellation Refund within 7 to 10 working days starting from the day of making the refund request. You can effectively use the refund policy to gain compensation for any flight booking you made. This refund is given against any request made by the passengers within the official time allowed by the airline to every customer of this airline.

Cancellation Fees of Hawaiian Airlines

The flight cancellation fees of Hawaiian Airline is always given to all its customers who use this process. This airline charges $100 to $400 from its passengers as the cancellation fee. According to the Hawaiian Airlines Cancellation Policy, the amount of this penalty differs from the category of the flight tickets and  the destination for which you reserve this airline. However, there are exceptions in which no customer requires to provide payment as the cancellation penalty in which 24 hours cancellation is the most useful one.

Official Phone Number of Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines Phone Number :  1 (800) 367-5320 or 1 (802) 267-5320

Hawaiian has a toll-free helpline number that works to provide exceptional customer service to all its customers. This phone number allows everyone to obtain details regarding the services of this airline. This phone number works around the clock to provide the required support. You can access this from any corner of the world to get in touch directly with the customer service live person of this airline. The representatives you met through the use of contact numbers are well-trained and completely professional. You can access the most relevant and helpful information by contacting them and gaining the correct information from its support live person to learn extra information regarding any service or query related to this airline.

Rescheduling the Cancelled Hawaiian Airlines Flight

Indeed! Any passenger who reserves the Hawaiian flights can reschedule its flight on any cancellation made by this airline. You can easily reschedule your flight by using the terms & conditions made by this airline. Effectively reschedule the flight of this airline by using the manage booking section of this airline. In addition, you can also get in touch with this airline and talk to a professional live person in gaining the correct information regarding the flight rescheduling process for the cancelled flights made by the airline due to any technical error or medical emergency.

Hawaiian Airlines Compensation for the Cancelled Flight

Getting compensation for the cancelled flight is feasible in the case of Hawaiian Airlines. This compensation is always given in the form which you have used for purchasing your flight ticket. This airline is quite adept at providing its customers with suitable compensation. It is given for any flight booking that was scrapped by this airline from flying. Due to this, its customers obtain compensation for the cancelled flight. Gain information from its support to acquire assistance from the customer service team of this airline about the rescheduling of the cancelled flight.

Hawaiian Airlines Flight Cancelled Today

Hawaiian Airlines mainly cancels the flights bound to fly for various domestic and international destinations. The cancellation was made by keeping the spread of the COVID 19 virus or any technical error you get. In addition, some administrative problems also impede the problems of Hawaiian flights operating normally today. All its passengers can get in touch with the adept and well-informed customer service of this airline to gain more information regarding the flights cancelled today. Those customers whose flights were cancelled today can gain an option to rebook a new flight or get complete compensation for rebooking a new flight of this airline.

What are the Hawaiian Airlines cancellation policies?

Canceling a trip is never the first choice. But if you have to cancel the Hawaiian Airlines flight for some reason, you need to know all the airlines' rules. However, Hawaiian Airlines provides a very flexible cancellation policy. You can check about the policies in this article in detail.

Hawaiian Airlines cancelation policy

Voluntary cancellation: If you have canceled the flight with Hawaiian Airlines, you will get the refund only in some cases as per the policy. Also, you need to cancel at least 2 hours before the departure of the flight. If you fail to do so, No Show policies will apply to you.

24 hours cancellation policy: 

  • If you cancel the flight within 24 hours of booking, you don't need to pay the cancellation charges.
  • Keep in mind that there should be at least seven days gap in your booking and canceling date to get the escape from the cancellation fee.
  • The 24-hour policy will help you to get refunds after canceling the non-refundable tickets.

Refundable Ticket: If you cancel the refundable ticket after the risk-free 24 hours, you will have to pay the cancellation charges.

Involuntary cancellations: If the cancelation is done by Hawaiian Airlines due to unavoidable reasons, you may request a complete refund. You can also ask for a travel voucher from the airline.

These are some important guidelines you need to know about Hawaiian Airlines cancellations. If you have other doubts about Hawaiian Airlines cancellation policy, you can contact the airline's customer support. The live representative at Hawaiian Airlines will also hep you in the cancelation process if you want.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. What happens if I cancel a flight with Hawaiian Airlines?

Ans. It might happen with any of that while you book the ticket; you need to cancel it immediately because something very important comes on the way. In the case of Hawaiian Airlines, if you cancel the flight with Hawaiian Airlines, the airline can provide you a refund or credit voucher, depending on your condition. 

Let's check out how to cancel the Hawaiian Airlines ticket and get a refund. 

  • Go to the Hawaiian airline manage flight section and retrieve the booking
  • Select the booking you need to cancel, and follow the instruction for cancellation
  • After you cancel the flight, go to the refund request page
  • There you can fill in the refund request form and submit it
  • After you submit the request, you can expect the refund in 7-20 days

In this way, you can opt to get a refund anytime. Besides, as per Hawaiian Airlines cancellation policy, you can get a full refund only if you cancel the flight within 24 hours of booking. After 24 hours, the airline will provide you with a credit voucher for the unused value of the ticket that you can use for a future booking. To make the booking using credit, you must need to contact the airline.

Q. What is the cancellation policy of Hawaiian Airlines?


  • The tickets that Hawaiian Airlines provide is non-refundable, unless and until the airline itself specified it
  • For any purchase made in the last seven days, tickets are subjected to a full refund if the cancellation has been made 24 hours within the purchase
  • Tickets may be valid for one year counted from the date of purchase if the ticket is wholly unused 
  • As per the Hawaiian Airlines Cancellation Policy, if the tickets are used even partially, the remaining trip itinerary can be valid for the transportation process for about one year counted from the initial use of the ticket

Q. What is the cost of ticket cancellation at Hawaiian Airlines?


  • If the traveler is making any considerable change in their existing ticket, like upgrading their seat, then they might be subjected to pay the difference fare
  • The amount of charge, policies and regulations at Hawaiian Airlines is subjected only until there is no change in the existing policy

Q. How to avoid the cancellation of tickets? 


  • You need to comply with the Contract of Carriage rule, if fail to do so your ticket may be cancelled by the airline
  • If you failed to board on your scheduled flight due to any possible reason, your ticket will be automatically cancelled
  • If you are unable to be present at the check-in gate, or unable to meet the deadline purchase date, your flight might get cancelled
  • You are required to check-in at the boarding gate at least 30 minutes before the departure of your flight if you failed to do so, your ticket will be cancelled by the Hawaiian Airlines 

Q. When can Hawaiian Airlines cancel my tickets?

Ans. There is a set policy if your ticket is getting cancelled by the authority itself:

  • Due to some Government notification, request or emergency transportation policy, your flight with Hawaiian Airlines may get cancelled 
  • Hawaiian has the authority to cancel your flight due to the sudden weather condition or appalling condition of weather that can not be controlled
  • As the Hawaiian cancellation policy suggests, your ticket may get cancelled if the airline has not received your ticket confirmation number yet\

Q. Hawaiian Airlines Cancellation Policy

Make Mention about Hawaiian Airlines Cancellation Policy.?

Cancellation Policy of the Hawaiian Airlines. 

  •  As per the cancellation policy of Hawaiian Airlines, passengers can easily cancel a flight within 24 hours of the purchase. 
  • If airlines have canceled a reservation due to mechanical reasons or lack of human resources, there is a fault in the airline itself. Passengers will be entitled to a full refund. 
  • If you have plans to cancel your reservation or have made your reservation before the Hawaiian Airlines flight. 
  • Your refund will be transferred to you within 7 -20 working days. 
  • Your refund will be given or provided to you through the same mode you have made your reservation. 
  • The official mail is sent to the passenger stating the cancellation of the ticket or the complete refund of your ticket within a given time frame of Hawaiian airlines. 
  • The passenger has to adhere to the rules and terms and conditions of Hawaiian airlines. 
  • On its official website, they do provide you a refund form too. You can fill in all the PNR numbers, passengers' last names, or other details. 
  • Then do click on the icon which says submit. Your request will be raised by simply clicking in there, and you do get the official mail on your registered email id stating that your process is under process, and you do get your refund amount within the given time frame. 
  • Suppose you raised a request for a refund stating the reason for the cancellation. The refund will be provided to you within a specific period.

The above-written ways will guide you on the Hawaiian Airlines Cancellation policy and the methods the passengers have to adhere to the terms and conditions to get proper assistance or services from Hawaiian airlines. Hawaiin airlines do provide you best service possible in every manner.  

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