Wizz Air Missed Flight Policy

Wizz Air is a budgeted airline that doesn't provide a connected flight to the passengers. The only way to travel from one destination to another is through multiple flight bookings with the same airlines. However, there are circumstances where we miss out on the booked flight due to any emergency or unavoidable circumstance. In these cases, the airlines provide the customer with compensation. As Wizz Air doesn't sell the connecting flight, it is required for you to book one or two consecutive flights. That booking is known as self-transfer. 

Let's understand the policy related to missed flights with Wizz Air.

In the general case scenario, the airline doesn't provide a refund or compensation when you miss your booked flight with the airlines. However, there are some cases in which compensation is allowed to the passengers.

  • If you have missed your flight because of bad weather conditions, in that case, you are liable to get a refund or compensation from the airlines.
  • Suppose you have missed your flight due to the airline's fault. In this case, you are allowed to get compensation from the airlines. The airlines will be liable to provide you with an alternate flight for your destination through the same route. Or, in case you choose to opt for the cancellation, you'll be liable to get a full refund on the cancellation.
  • If you missed your flight due to bad health or the death of your close relative, in that case also, the airlines allow you to get compensation. Provided, you'll be required to present the document proving your bad health or the deceased person's death certificate.
  • If you missed your connecting flight with Wiz air because of a last-minute cancellation, delaying your connecting flight for more than 3 hours, or the boarding has been denied because of overbooking. In those cases, you'll be eligible to get compensation from the airlines.
  • You'll be entitled to compensation if you miss your connecting flight or the next consecutive flight because your initial flight was canceled.
  • Suppose your flight with Wizz air got delayed for more than 3 hours. You are entitled to compensation for the delay up to 600 EURO per person.
  • You cannot claim the refund directly by visiting the website for the airlines. For the compensation for the missed flight, the passengers are required to consult the customer care executive of the airline. If it may be deemed fit, only the agent will initiate the compensation for the missed flight.

What is a connecting flight?

A connecting flight is a flight where you have to stop at one place and change planes to get to your destination. There are times when we have to visit a place where there is no direct flight, in those cases we don't have any other option. There are two types of connecting flights:

  • Airline- Protected Transfer- You have only one PNR number for both flights in airline-protected transfer. In these cases, the airlines protect the flight for you, and you'll be entitled to many benefits if you miss your connecting flight due to the fault of the airlines.
  • Self-Transfer- When you book two flights separately and receive different PNR numbers, that is known as self-transfer. In that case, those flights are known as Self-transfer. You reach one place with your first flight and then take the other separately booked flight to reach your destination.

Get in touch with the customer service of WizzAir to get in touch with the airline's agent for any query or related issue with the missing flight policy of the airline.

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