Policy for Cancellation and Refund from Wizz Air

When we plan a trip, we try our best to execute it, but sometimes the time is not right, and we have to cancel the bookings. Wizz Air understands your concerns and lets you cancel the bookings whenever you feel you cannot fly. You definitely expect refunds from the airline after the booking cancellations. Do not worry; look after the information for cancellations and refunds.

Wizz Air Cancellation policy

Like you are free to book your flights with Wizz Air online; similarly, you can make further required changes and cancel the tickets also. But you should know some policies not to get confused. Let’s go through some:-

  • Wizz Air services are managed under the 24 hours policy, meaning you are eligible to get full refunds if you make cancellations within a day of ticket purchase.
  • You will not get full refunds if the cancellation is made after 24 hours. You will pay some service charges, such as cancellation fees and airline charges.
  • You cannot cancel the flight tickets 3 hours prior to the departure or if the flight is ready to board.
  • Wizz Air is liable to pay you the full amount of your ticket if the tickets are canceled by them

Wizz Air Refund policy

The refund policy covers the basic information of 24 hours refunds, but you should know some more points to be doubt free with the airline’s policies. You may look after these points also:-

  • The refund for your canceled ticket will be provided to you after reviewing the 24 hours policy. 
  • A 24 hours policy will decide whether you will get a full or partial amount.
  • If the mode of payment for your booking was online, i.e., debit or credit card, you will get refunds within 5 to 7 working days of the airline.
  • But if the payment mode was offline, i.e., cheque or cash, your amount will be credited to your bank within 20 business days.
  • If you want cash, then you can raise a request to the airline’s helpdesk team and visit the nearest Wizz Air counter on a given date

Method to cancel Wizz Air flight and get refunds

Online:- Airline’s website is equipped with all the services and options that are essential for the passenger. Look into the steps to cancel your flight:-

  • Reach the Wizz Air web portal from your browser.
  • Select the “Manage Booking” tab from many available options.
  • Now, open a particular ticket after writing your “Booking number” and “Last name” written on the ticket.
  • Check your ticket and choose the “Cancel your ticket” icon to click.
  • Please give reasons for canceling your flight, but it is an optional point.
  • Pay the cancellation charges if applied to you.
  • Submit the canceled ticket and get a confirmation in your mail or text message.
  • Now, you will observe a “Refund request form” option. Click on it and fill out the form with the basic required details. 
  • Submit the form, and your refund will be provided per the policies discussed above. 

You can also take the help of the Wizz Air helpdesk services like call, online chat, and social media to get more acquainted with refunds and cancellations. 

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