What is the cheapest month to Fly?

Looking for the cheapest flight to plan a perfect vacation after your busiest  schedule. If you are craving for some sunny vibes, golden hours, To enjoy all the factors you should be aware of the  cheapest month to fly. So, checkout the flight deals of the airlines and book your flight without burning a hole in your pocket. 

But for the best travel, you need guidance to help you pick a suitable time of the year to book a flight ticket. And for that you need to give a read to this article. 

Months to Book Flight Tickets in Three Main Season

  • Peak

  • Off-Peak

  • Shoulder (in between)

There is a chance to get the cheapest airfare according to these three seasons. The flexibility with the travel dates is one of the best and helpful ways in getting the cheapest flight deals. While travelling during the peak season, the passenger should make the reservations in advance for better choice and seat availability. Some airlines apply weekend deals from Friday to Sunday. 

Flight Tickets with Cheapest Airfares. 

  • Airfares are generally cheaper from 1st April to May 30 and September 1-to October 31. 

  • However, afres offered are too expensive between  14 June to July14 and December 12- 24.

 Cheapest Month to Fly Anywhere

According to a survey conducted by Economic times, February is the  cheapest month to fly. During this month, you can save more than 18% cash on the Airfare.

Advance flight booking, that is you should book 22 weeks before the departure date can save more than 15%. Budget Airlines tend to increase the fare manifold at the last minute because of high demand. The climate throughout February is very pleasant as the winter chill is still present. The weather in the peninsula is pleasant and not too hot since the monsoon won’t be arriving for a couple of months. 

Low Airfare Month to Book Flights

For even cheaper fares, the months between June and September are considered as the  cheapest month to fly. Off-season airlines comes up with a lot of attractive deals  and offers for travelers. But the terrains worth visiting are higher during the monsoons. High altitude mountain regions get extremely dangerous due to the risk of landslides.

Excluding these situations, one can still go to plain desert regions. Even the waterfalls and lower hills will help you capture the real essence of the country's monsoon.  

What is the best day of the week to book a flight ticket?

It is not only the month that can impact the airfare of flight but also the days, which day of the week you can book your flight. According to the information, sunday is the cheapest day of the week to book a flight ticket but once again, it only depends on your destination. If the passenger is flexible about what day you choose to fly, then you might also be able to save money, we recommend that, if possible, you always check the fare a few days prior or after your departure date to make sure that you find the cheapest flight time to book your flight. 

Best time of the Day to Fly with the Airline 

Now you get the information about what is the cheapest day of the week to fly with the airline. But now the question is what is the best time of day to fly ? The flight schedule of each airline is different, some flights are operated during the day time and some airlines work at night time. These are the things  you should consider to understand what is the best time of the day to fly for you . 

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