What is Delta Airlines Meet And Assist?

There can be circumstantial situations when the passenger would require assistance during their entire trip, more specifically while boarding or getting down from the plane to get connected to their next flight. This entire process of assistance being provided by Delta is broadly classified as Airlines meet and assist. 

Refer to the details that have been jotted down for the perusal of the passengers who would want to avail of the Delta Airlines meet and assist when the situation requires them to. 

Delta Airlines assistance for specially-abled passengers:

Passengers who have issues and ailments in their legs, travel with a service animal, and require aisle chair car are usually given the front row seats of the plane. The ones with mobility issues can request wheelchair assistance by placing a call at 404-209-3434. The airline will arrange for one as per the request. A special assistant would be assigned who would be with them to assist from the time of check-in till the boarding of the flight. 

Flight boarding informatory analysis with Delta Airlines:

The flight departure and arrival time is always displayed at the airport for the passenger to check through and remain updated. Additional support is provided here to escort the passengers towards the boarding gates apart from the announcements being made at regular intervals. 

Explain the specifications under which an assistant is allowed with the passenger.

Delta Airlines may request the passenger to be accompanied by a travel or personal or safety assistant if they fall under the categories described below:

  • Passenger who has little to no understanding and response to the instructions being given for safety compliance. 
  • The airlines would ask the passengers to take with them an assistant when they have extreme mobility issues, making them unable to have self-assistance in case of emergency situations that can arise. 
  • Disabilities of the passenger pertaining to hearing and vision impairments would require an assistant as they won't be able to follow through with the instructions given by the passenger. 

Important Note: The assistants who do not have the ticket fare but are required to provide assistance to the passengers are allowed even after the security checkpoints. They just need to buy a pass from the ticker counter at the airline that allows them entry to the airport. 

Registering a complaint for discriminatory behavior towards passengers:

If, at any point in time, the passenger feels that they have been discriminated against or are not being provided with the assistance meant for them, they can connect with the CROs. These highly trained officials are present at every airport where the passengers can make an approach in situations where they would like to report the problem they face. Connect with the airline at 404-209-3434 to make a report of the same. 

Are passengers suffering from communicable diseases allowed to fly with airlines?

Yes, passengers who are sick or suffering from a disease or infection can easily travel with the airline provided they have the authorized medical documents that give the details of their health conditions and the precautions that would be taken. The passenger can connect on call at 404-209-3434. 

Can passengers with special needs be exempted from security check-in?

All the passengers need to go through the security check-in at the airport on a mandatory basis. In case the passenger would require that the airline authorities help them with the private screening, they can request for the same by connecting to a TSA Agent. The airline will then allow the passenger to go through check-in in their wheelchair along with their assistant. 

Final Words: Hence, by going over all the particulars given, the passenger would be able to get an overall idea of Delta Agent assist along with the varied services that they provide. In case of further doubts, connect with the agent at 800-221-1212 or 1 (802) 219-1212 to get clarification of the issue being faced. 

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