An Ultimate Guide on ‘Vistara Group Booking’ 

If you are travelling in a group of ten plus, Vistara group booking can be the best option. Group travel with Vistara is quite simple and has its benefits. Besides, you can make a single payment for the whole group without hassle. If you want to learn how the Vistara group travel works, the article below is for you only. Here we will discuss the process, benefits, and many more; take a look to better understand. 

How does Vistara group travel work? 

You need to contact the Vistara travel group for your booking, and those who are available will make all the necessary arrangements as per your preference. Based on your group information, the agent will send you a quote, which you can accept and get your group booking done. 

How to proceed with Vistara group booking? 

If you want to book the flight ticket for your group, you can get the booking quotation in two ways; via the website and over the phone. Here are both the ways discussed; take a look: 

Via Vistara website: 

  • Head to the Vistara official website and go to Plan Travel at top 
  • Click on the Group booking link at the bottom
  • The group booking page will appear; sign in to account using your email id and password 
  • You will be taken to the registration page, mention requirements & passengers information in the field 
  • Review the details and send the group travel request 
  • Soon you will get the quotation from the airline, and if it suits you, proceed with the booking 
  • You will get the instructions on the screen and follow them to complete the process 
  • At last, make payments, follow the prompts, and you will get a confirmation email soon 

Contact Vistara group Booking team: 

Apart from the online procedure, you can also contact the Vistara group booking team via phone at 092892 28888. You can tell them your requirements, and they will share the quotation. If you confirm it, they will complete your group booking soon. Additionally, you can send an email at and submit the request. The Vistara team will share the quotation via email; if it is ok, you can contact them directly.

What are the Vistara Group Booking benefits? 

If you are travelling with the group in Vistara, here are the benefits you can enjoy: 

  • Vistara provides its group travellers with a significant discount on their general fares. 
  • Your group members are booked on a single PNR with the same fare. 
  • You can add members to the group booking later up to 7 days before departure, which gives you enough time to decide on members in your group. 
  • You can pay for your group bookings in instalments.
  • You can request access baggage for your group booking. 
  • You get premium access to security check-in for all the group members. 
  • You get more flexibility with group booking and can easily modify, manage and add service to your group booking. 

Conclusion: Following the information above, you can quickly get your Vistara group booking done anytime. If you have any doubts or need more details, visit the Vistara website or speak to its agent directly. You can also log in to your group booking account and get access to personalised support. 

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