Cancellation Policy of Vietnam Airlines

Vietnam airlines give you super affordable flight tickets but with a high level of facilities, including food, a resting lounge, etc. They also give you an ample amount of service without any delay. Their service includes refund, cancellation, booking, and status. These all can be done from anywhere and at any time. Their policies are strong and secure according to the rules and regulations of the aviation act. Their service is twenty-four hours seven day available with experienced staff capable of solving your every query.

Policies of Vietnam airlines that are needed to be followed:

According to commoners, policies are followed in Vietnam airlines so that no one can suffer and fall into any fraud. Policies are made under the supervision of senior authorities. And they give freedom to their clients to know about their policies without any hesitation.

  • If you cancel your booking within 24 hours, the airline will give back the total price without any cancellation charge.
  • If a cancellation on your booking is made after 24 hours, the airline will give the total amount but a cancelation charge.
  • Somehow in some exceptional cases, your flights get delayed or canceled by Vietnam airlines due to climate or technical issues. In that case, the airline will pay the whole amount without any cancellation charge.
  • Suppose you cancel your flight ticket in between due to any personal issues. Then, in that scenario, you will charge with half flight fare price but along with deducted cancelation charge.
  •  Sometimes problems occur when your family member dies and you cannot be able to board the flight; in that case, the airline will give you the full flight fare after understanding your problem.
  • Booking flight tickets through Vietnam's official website lets you cancel them on their website, but if you booked your ticket through a travel agent, you need to contact the person regarding your cancellation.

Policies are made because it is aware of your rights as a client. It would help if you went through these policies before making any further steps to avoid any problems or errors; Processes are lenient and easy to understand to their clients as they are set according to layman's language.

 What is Vietnam airline's cancellation process? 

Vietnam airline's cancellation process is smooth and hassle-free. They give you a safe and secure digital cancellation process so that no one will face any difficulty during the process. 

The process that will take a few minutes is mentioned below :

  • Search for the official Vietnam airline website.
  • Scroll to the manage booking option.
  • After that manage booking page will appear on your screen.
  • Submit your PNR number along with your last name on the page.
  • The page will show a reservation list; choose the flight ticket from the reservation list on which you want to apply for cancellation.
  • You will get different options (changing or canceling). Click on the ''cancel'' option (cancellation charge will deduct if you applied after 24 hours)
  • You will get a confirmation message code at your given email id.

Above mention, Vietnam Airlines Cancellation Policy will assist if you have stuck in between while canceling your flight tickets. After all these processes, you may contact their Vietnam airlines cancellation policy if you have any other doubt.

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