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If you are looking for the infant policy of united airlines, then for that, here is the following all the information that you can use. If there are any issues to know, then for that, here are the best way that you can use to get connected with them. In this article, you will get all the detail and many other ways that you need to know if you are in doubt; there are all the essential information to follow and confirm the booking of your infants. 

United Airlines Infant Policy

When you are planning for a vacation, and you are with your infant then, there is some United Airlines infant policy; then below are the following that are mentioned, and you have to follow that:-

  • United Airlines doesn't accept infants in incubators or those infants that are younger than seven days old. 
  • Infants that are traveling between US and Canada or from Mexico to the US to Canada are only required to pay the taxes on the ticket. 
  • When infants travel without a seat to other international destinations, then they are charged 10% of the adult fare while ticketing. Also, infants traveling on parents' lap on front cabin awards or upgrades then needed to pay 10% of the front cabin fare.
  • If the age of infants is two and traveling without a seat within the United States, Puerto Rico, and US Virgin Islands, then there is no requirement for a ticket. For all infants that are traveling internationally, including Canada and Mexico, are required to get the ticket.

How to Book a Seat for an Infant on United Airlines?

If you need to book a flight ticket for your lap infant or seat, for that here are you need to do is to go to the authorized site of united airlines and then do the search for booking; then, you required to click on travelers. After that, you must specify the number of infants on your lap. If you want a separate seat for an infant, then you can add one infant under 2. Lastly, continue the process and then confirm the seat booking. 

Seat restrictions for infants in United Airlines:

There are some seat restrictions that are for infants, and you must know about this while traveling; below are the following mentioned:-

  • Not allowed for a rear-facing seat. 
  • Near the exit row, like in an exit row seat, the row before or after an exit row is not allowed. 
  • Not in an aisle seat (if there are one-aisle, then infant seats are placed in the window seat; for two-aisle, the infant seat is placed in the window seat or middle seat of the center line).
  • In United Polaris business class, the seats are provided on Boeing B767, B777, and B787 aircraft. 
  • Also, for first class on Boeing B767 and B777 -200 aircraft with the three-class cabin and also on Boeing B757 with rear-facing seats. 

May all the detailed information that is mentioned above related to the infant policy of United airline will be beneficial for you and provide all the details that are required. If there are any problems that you want to fix, then directly get connect with an expert or reach out to our other articles. 

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