All you need to know about United Airlines Baggage Policy!

If you are planning your trip with United Airlines in the near future, you should know the airline's baggage policies. We have mentioned some major policies that are important for you to know if you are booking a ticket with United Airlines.

Important baggage policies of United Airlines

United Airlines provides leniency to the customers when taking their baggage. However, there are some points in United Airlines baggage policy that you should know to avoid extra charges at the airport. 

Carry on baggage

You can take one personal and carry-on item for free while traveling with United Airlines. Here are some specifications regarding the size and weight of your carry on luggage.

  • The standard size of your carry-on baggage should be 45 linear inches (22 x 14 x 9 in), and the weight should be 23 kg, including handles and wheels.
  • Also, the luggage should fit under the seats or overhead bins of United flights.
  • The personal item should be 36 linear inches (16 x 11 x 8 in), including your purse, laptop bags, camera bag, briefcase, etc.

Checked-in baggage

  • The standard size for checked-in baggage is 62 inches or 157 centimeters (length + width + height), and the maximum weight allowed is 23 kg.
  • You can take up to 2 free bags if you have a United Airlines membership or hail from a military background.
  • You need to pay $35 for the first and $45 for the second checked-in baggage.
  • If you take 3rd or more checked bags, you need to pay $150 per bag.

Special baggage

If you carry a sports kit, musical instrument, or other items, it is counted as your first checked-in baggage. You may need to pay the fees depending on the route and class you are traveling in.

Oversized and overweight baggage

If your bag exceeds the size of 63 to 115 linear inches, you need to pay $200 as the baggage fee. Bags exceeding 115 linear inches are not accepted for the checked-in allowance.

  • You need to pay $100-$200 for bags weighing 24-32 kg.
  • If you carry bags between 33-46 kg, you need to pay $400 for every extra baggage.

So, these are some major guidelines you need to follow for your luggage while traveling with 115 linear inches. However, if you want to know more about the United Airlines baggage policy, you can contact the number given on the website. Remember that the baggage fees depend on your travel class and route. You can also ask about the specific fees from the customer representative of United Airlines.

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