Turkish Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy 

Life can never be trusted, and people have to go by life's rules, which are ascertainable and complex. Like that, sometimes, due to unavoidable circumstances, people must make their child travel alone on the flight. In these situations, people usually get worried about their children, and they wish to be sure that the kids will get the proper assistance needed during travel. But fortunately, they don't have to worry if they make the reservation for their child under the Turkish Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy. Under this policy, their children will get complete and professional assistance from the airline's staff.

Unaccompanied minor policy by Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines only allows children under the age of 2-12 to travel under the unaccompanied minor policy. The passengers are required to purchase and fill out a specific form with the mandatory information. 

  • It is necessary for the parents to inform about the unaccompanied minor while making the reservation of their flight ticket.
  • The passengers can make the reservation for the minor through the official website or call the airline's customer service team.
  • As the airline only allows children between the age of 2 to 12 to travel as unaccompanied minors, or if they are traveling with a person under 18, they both will be subject to the unaccompanied minor policy. The airline will charge the unaccompanied minor fee for both passengers. 
  • The children will come under the unaccompanied minor policy if he isn't traveling with a person above the age of 18 or they are traveling alone and fall under the age group of 7-12 years. 
  • The airlines don't offer unaccompanied minor flights for long-haul r connecting flights or under interline agreement flights. 
  • The minors are not allowed to travel on a red-eye flight. 
  • The parents of the children are required to fill out the form seeking written permission for the children to travel on the flight. 
  • The airline will make the cancellation of the flight carrying the minor if there is any disruption due to unavoidable circumstances. 
  • The children under the age group of 2 to 7 will mainly be attended by a member of the airline's cabin staff. 
  • The unaccompanied child would get tickets on the adult ticket fare, but they have to provide the necessary documents at the time of making the reservation for the children. The baggage allowance will also be the same as for an adult. 
  • The services for a little flying with Turkish Airlines are needed to be booked 24 hours before the scheduled flight departure of the flight. 
  • The children and one of their parents must be presented at the airport two hours before the scheduled departure. 
  • The parent or guardian of the children is required to be present at the airport till the time the flight departs to reach their desired destination. 
  • One of the members is also required to be present at the arriving airport. 
  • All the details of the person dropping the children at the airport and picking them up from their arrival spot are needed to be submitted at the airport.

The children are requested to be aware of the young passengers attending separate counters at the Istanbul Airport. 

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