How do I Add my Lap Child to my Spirit Airlines Flight?

If you need to travel just after some days or months of your delivery and decide to book your tickets with Spirit Airlines, then it is mandatory that you stay aware of everything which will be useful for you during the reservations. From the procedures of adding infants to your booking to the Spirit Airlines infant policy, all of this information would be helpful in making your lap child reservation easy. We will get through all the information and ensure that traveling with infants would be comfortable for you.

Terms and Conditions to add child: 

As we have discussed, it is essential that you know all the terms and conditions that have been mentioned in the Infant Policy of Spirit Airlines. All the guidelines of the Policy are discussed below. Go through it and enlighten yourself:

  • The kids from the age of 7 days to 24 months (2 years) are considered lap children, and they can travel free of charge at Spirit Airlines.
  • If the parents and guardians still want to buy a seat for the lap child, then they can and have to pay the full charges for a seat.
  • As soon as the children cross their 24 months, they will no longer remain a lap child for the Airlines, and you need to purchase a proper seat for them.
  • If the child is going to celebrate their 2nd birthday during the journey, then you need to book a seat for them on the return flight.
  • Spirit Airlines also requires some documents if you have added a lap child to your bookings. Such as the passport, free to fly certificate from the doctors, and the birth certificate.
  • If your infant is traveling, switch to someone who is 15 years old. Then, you do not have to book tickets for them and can carry them on your lap.
  • Per guests, 15 years old, only one lap child will be allowed.
  • If your infant is less than 7 days old and requires some life support system, etc., then the boarding will be denied, and you cannot travel with them.
  • If you are traveling with infants, then you cannot get the emergency exit door seats as it will be the safest for them.
  • There are some international fees and taxes which may apply to infant boarding, and it depends on the route.
  • The lap child can be added to the reservation while you are booking the flight tickets online, or there are other methods as well, such as the phone or visiting the Airport helpdesk.

How to add child on Spirit Airlines? 

When you reach the official website to Add Infant on Spirit Airlines to your reservation, then it is important that you should know the steps you need to get through for the same. It is a simple procedure mentioned below, and if you follow it carefully, you can save yourself from all the inconveniences you might get while booking the tickets:

  • Visit the official website of Spirit Airlines.
  • Click on the flight from the options appearing on the screen.
  • Add the arrival and departure locations with date, time, and class.
  • After that, while you are adding passengers, you have to choose an infant/lap child.
  • Add all the details of the infant, such as the age, medical and free to fly certificate, etc.
  • Follow the further instructions and pay for the ticket, and you can download the ticket from the website or can receive it via email.

How Much Does Spirit Airlines Charge to add Infants?

If we talk about the charges that you have to pay to add infants to your reservation, then you can travel with the lap child free of charge on all domestic and international flights. However, you might have to pay the international tax for the same, but there will be no charges other than that, and you can travel comfortably with your kid.

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