What should I know about Southwest Airlines Missed Flight Policy?

Every person wishes for the best traveling experience; however, due to some reason, the person faces different issues. But, when you board the flight or during check-in, you can easily deal with the issue, but what will happen when you miss the flight? It is the situation when a person gets confused, though to manage the situation, you must be aware of the missed flight policy. You can learn about every detail of it. 

What is Southwest airlines missed flight policy?

Compared to any other airline, Southwest airlines provide the best-missed flight policy that never fails to meet the customer’s expectations. 

  • When you miss the flight, it is considered as no show condition. It means you are not shown to the airlines; for this reason, they have canceled the tickets. Before cancellation, they make some announcements that one has to respond to. 
  • Once you have missed the flight, you can don’t have to pay any kind of no-show or missed flight fee. The ticket charges are equivalent to the flight cancellation fee, so you don’t have to bear additional charges. 
  • However, in some cases, Southwest airlines provide some relief. If the person fails to inform the airlines and does not have any strong reason, there will not be any refund. But, for some strong reasons, the person can get the refund from the airlines, it could be in terms of a new flight, or getting some portion of the ticket. 
  • If you are in the “flat tire” situation, then in this special category, you can get a refund from the airlines or get the tickets for the next flight. 
  • In a flat tire situation, the person may find a new flight only when there is the next available flight. In case if your missed flight was the light flight of the day, you may lose this opportunity, and you will not receive any kind of refund. 
  • Southwest airlines provide a special facility for those who have to own the flyer program. When they have missed the flight, they can opt for a new flight or ask for a refund. It may depend on the type of flight or booking, but make sure that you will react fast. 
  • When you own the flight ticket, which is refundable, then in any situation, you are getting the refund back. To make it more customer-friendly, they have provided the chance to get the points that can help them book the future flight at lower prices. 
  • For non-refundable tickets, there is no refund option; they can go for the new flight when they inform the person fast at the airport. 

It is missed flight policy, and you can see how effective and promising it is. Though you can see in Southwest Airlines Missed Flight Policy it is more focused on the reason and timing. So do not overlook this portion; it can help you save money on the tickets and enjoy the trip without missing the flight. 

Can I rebook my missed flight tickets on Southwest?

Sometimes, when passengers have interconnected flight tickets and have to board another flight from their connected airport, they get late because the airline is delayed due to the air traffic. In this situation, passengers get late, and they miss their next flight and are left without any help. They ask whether they can Rebook a Missed Flight on Southwest and get its advantage. Many passengers come up with these types of questions and want answers. If they have booked tickets on Southwest Airlines, then they provide the facility to rebook it and the process given below:

Steps to rebook the missed flight tickets:

To rebook the flight that you have missed, then check out these steps that are mentioned below:

  • First, you have to see if you are eligible for the rebooking, and the airline allows you to rebook them.

  • After that, sign in to the airline's official website on your device.

  • Go to the Manage my trip option, where you will see different options and select the delayed or disrupted section.

  • You can book the missed flight again on a different date by entering the information of the passengers on the tab that will appear on the screen.

  • Now, click on the book button, and you will be able to rebook the flight ticket without paying any charges to the airline.

  • You can even ask your travel agent if they can help you out by rebooking the flight tickets.


The above-mentioned steps can be helpful for the passengers to rebook their flight and take advantage of Southwest airlines. They can also ask the customer service person of the airline and request them to provide the appropriate information. 

What happens when you miss your flight on Southwest Airlines?

Various passengers face the situation when they miss their flight on Southwest Airlines. Due to the mistake of the previous airline, passengers face problems for which they have to follow the southwest airlines missed flight policies and how can they get through the issue. There can be situations like Air traffic, passengers were in another flight, and they have to pick up the Southwest flight from their arrival.

Follow the Southwest Missed flight policies :

The policies that passengers need to follow if they have not shown up on the airline are given below:

  • Inform the airline of your missed flight otherwise, and there will be fees for showing up.
  • If the passengers do not pay any show-up fee, their future booking will be canceled by Southwest.
  • If passengers inform the airline, they will arrange another airline without charges. Southwest Airlines is the only airline that has no changing fees. 

Benefits provided by the airline for passengers who missed their flight:

There are some tips that passengers can follow if they have missed their flight on Southwest Airlines:

  • You have to inform the airline: you have to inform the airline if you have missed your flight tickets due to the mistake of another airline. They will arrange an alternative flight.
  • Not notified about the change scheduled flight: some passengers might not be informed of the airline's changed schedule and end up showing up late. In this situation, passengers are free to get a full refund and compensation.
  • Rebook for free: airlines allow the passengers to rebook the flight tickets for free if they have missed their tickets on Southwest Airlines. 
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