All the information that will help you redeem the American travel voucher:

There are several services provided by the airline to receive good deals for your trips. If you fly with American Airlines frequently, you can get good deals and discounts, like the travel voucher that you can use to get certain benefits. When it comes to using the travel voucher, many passengers need to learn how an American Airlines travel voucher works. So the voucher is used for various things, such as to make the reservation, pay for the flight, or to cover penalties. Many travelers have the question of how to get the travel voucher, so when the airline cancels the passenger's booked flight, then as compensation, the airline provides the travel voucher, which you can use to make the reservation in the future.

How to use the American travel voucher in the reservation?

If you receive the travel voucher, it can be redeemed to reserve a new seat with American Airlines. The flyers who are willing to know how you use the travel voucher, then follow the points mentioned below:

  • Open the official page of American Airlines in the browser, and on the homepage, tap on the trip type.
  • Then you have to select the type of trip and the type of airline flight class.
  • In the next step, choose the numbers of the passengers with their ages.
  • If you have miles, then tick "use American points".
  • Continue with the process by entering the place of origin and the place of destination, and the date of departure.
  • If you have chosen the round trip, then you must enter the date of departure and arrival.
  • After entering all these details, tap on 'search flights'.
  • Based on the details you have entered, it gets the list of the airline's flights.
  • After choosing the flight, tap on the Payment section.
  • You will be link to the payment portal, where you can see the methods of making the payment.
  • There you can see the section on using the travel voucher, tap on the button and enter the voucher code in the required space and continue with the reservation.

Once the process is complete, American Airlines will send the confirmation email, including the reservation details. If you need help with making the reservation through the official site of the airline, then you can contact the executive of American Airlines directly.

Redeem the bonus by connecting the executive:

The airline traveler also has a way to redeem the travel bonus for connecting with the American Airlines executive. The traveler has to communicate with the representative of the airline and dial the contact number of American Airlines. Once you contact the airline's representative, you make the reservation with their help, and when the executive asks you to make the payment, you have to share the American Airlines travel voucher number to use it. Once the process is complete, you will receive the reservation confirmation email from American Airlines.

How long is the American Airlines travel voucher valid?

The travel voucher provided by American Airlines expires in one year from the date the ticket is issued. The airline is within the date.

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