Qatar Airways Policies For Seat Selection and How To Use Them Correctly  

Different people mean different preferences. For some, any seat near the window is the perfect seat, while others believe that sitting on an aisle seat gives more comfort; some would look for a seat with a vacant seat next to it, while some would prefer extra legroom; regardless of what the preference is, the airline has the provision for everyone. But these are governed by certain rules, which are called policies. This blog is going to give you everything you need to have under your belt before you take a step toward the process. 

The seat selection policies 

These  Qatar Airways seat selection policies are formulated under the Qatar state laws. The passengers and employees must abide by these rules.

Basic Policies Applicable To All

  • The airline provides free seat selection facilities for standard tickets for most fare types, and eligibility is mentioned on the ticket itself. 
  • Seats booked under Economy(comfort) and Economy(convenience) allows the passengers to book their seat for free any time before the take-off. 
  • Passengers are under no obligation to book a seat. They can wait for the standard seat selection, which starts 48 hours before the take-off. Although here, you will be given the option for the seats remaining after the selection process. 

Economy Seat Selection 

  • Only passengers who have acquired 18+ years of age are allowed to partake in the process
  • The seat selection facility is only available for Qatar-operated flights. If your ticket is under a codeshare flight, you need to connect with the respective airline for the service. 
  • The economy seat section is subject to the airline’s condition of carriage for the passengers and respective baggage. 
  • The purchased tickets are subject to availability of the seats at the time of check-in. 
  • The charges for Qatar Airways seat selection are not fixed because they depend on the various factors that contribute towards the ticket fare. 

 Conditions for Economy Reserve Purchase

  • Once the passenger reserves this seat, the seat becomes personal, non-endorsable, and non-transferable between passengers, and non-refundable. 
  • These seats can be reserved only by a single passenger on a single flight segment for a single flight. 
  • Booking of the Economy Reserve seat does not entitle a passenger for additional benefits such as free food and beverages, extra cabin carry-on bag check-in, free and early baggage check-in, etc. 
  • The availability of these seats is not intended for passengers who need the support of medical equipment or whose baggage would need extra seats. For such services, you are advised to connect with support executives. 
  • Based on the Qatar Airways seat selection policy, once you purchase this seat, you will no longer be eligible to purchase cabin upgrades. 
  • The purchase you make is valid only for the particular flight it was bought for and not applicable for any other flight, purchase, change or upgrade service. 
  • You can not earn any Avios on the purchase of this service. 

Refund and Cancellation Related To Economy Reserve Service

The seat selection is not refundable, but under rare conditions, as mentioned, you might get a refund. 

  • You were unable to use the seat because of reasons attributed to the airline. 
  • Your flight was canceled or re-routed by Qatar Airways.
  • You changed your flight, but the service is unavailable on the new itinerary. 
  • You got an upgrade to a higher cabin and seat(voluntarily or through Qatar). 

If any passenger or employee is found to be in violation of these rules, then the airline has the right to execute charges against them as they see fit.  

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