Know more about Qatar Airways' "Manage my Booking" menu

The arrival of widespread internet resources has made many changes in people's daily lives around the globe. Out of the numerous benefits, one is specifically linked to consumers having various options for managing their Airline reservations. Qatar Airways also has a "Manage My Booking" panel on its homepage, which is replete with various features and self-help options that save precious time by diminishing the need for customer care assistance for small actions such as amending or canceling a flight. The sections ahead discuss the key features which make this panel extremely useful.

What can one do from "Manage Booking" on Qatar Airways Website?

  • One can view their ticket and itinerary, print it out, or even email it as an e-document.
  • On occasions that demand change in one's travel plans or ticket details, one can modify the booking date, time, fare class, and cabin class.
  • The options for amending the frequent flyer number, contact details, and ticket errors are available here.
  • Ticket cancelations and refund requests can be made from this panel.
  • Selecting a preferred seat for a booked reservation and requesting services like special meals or disability assistance are also provided.
  • A flyer can also book services for a full-fledged vacation like car rentals and excess baggage and also for booking a lounge access pass.

Who can use the Qatar Airways Manage Booking option?

Any individual who had booked their Qatar reservation directly from the airline itself, either using the website or by calling the inhouse Qatar reservations department, can easily use the Manage Booking panel and all the various features within this panel. Those who purchased their tickets from can look up the ticket itinerary details but cannot make changes, cancelations, upgrades, or refunds from here. Instead, they would have to contact the original vendor for all such actions.

How to access the Qatar Airways Manage Booking panel?

  • To begin with, one must get on the Qatar Airways official homepage and click on the "Manage Booking" panel to open a new webpage. 
  • From here, one can use the booking reference number or the PNR code of their flight reservation and search for the ticket itinerary. 
  • Upon doing so, the whole details and options available to be used for the ticket will open up. 
  • The dashboard will have several choices, and one can select a seat or choose, cancel, upgrade or modify the reservation details.
  • Those who desire to change their flights can click on the "Change flight" option and search and look for a new flight. The changes will be confirmed upon making the payments for the flight change.
  • Clicking on "Cancel" will open the flight cancelation portal, where one can cancel and request a refund for their booked reservation with Qatar.

One of the best benefits of the Qatar Airways Manage my Booking panel on the Qatar website is using it within 24 hours of any booking, regardless of the ticket type, to make changes, cancelations, or perform any other activities free of cost. Those who aren’t able to access this panel can call the Qatar Customer service for quick assistance.

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