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Qatar Airways define group travel as a booking that contains ten or more people on the same flight to the same destination. This group could be an educational, professional, sports team, or vacation group. People who need to make a group booking should consider the Qatar group reservation option to experience more flexibility, security, and comfort. The Qatar Airways Group Booking procedure, requirements, and other details are explained in the following lines. 

Policies governing the group travel 

Booking is beneficial when you go for the group reservation rather than trying to book individual seats on the aircraft. To take complete advantage of the situation, people need to know more about the rules shaping the execution of this service. Important policies and rules associated with the mentioned service are explained as follows. 

  • You would deposit the reservation amount as a whole and not in segments. At the time of refund, you will be charged a certain amount of penalty, which will depend on various factors such as your destination, date of flight, departure details, your reason for cancellations, etc.   
  • Passengers can modify the group details by connecting with the reservation office and not through the booking management tool available on the website/app.  
  • Change in travel itinerary is allowed only under special cases. To make your case, you need to provide proof documents to the reservation team. These changes will also be heavily affected by the departure date and how long before the departure you make the request. 
  • The Qatar Airways Group Booking can include adults, senior citizens, and children, but not infants. You need to connect with the local airline office to include an infant. 
  • To book the seats, you need to connect with the local Qatar office in the city of origin and not anywhere else. 

Benefits people can expect to receive with their group travel

People are suggested to go for this feature over-and-over again because of all the benefits of this selection. These are mentioned below:

  • Special group fares and offers: You get more discounts and premium offers on the total price. 
  • Deferred Payment: The pay later option allows you to complete the payment 7 days before departure. You don’t have to pay the entire amount on the date of making the reservation.
  • Special Seat Reservation: The airline allows you to preserve your favorite seat even if you don’t have the names of all the passengers with you at the time. 
  • Special Stop-Over Packages: Passengers can ask the airline to arrange for custom stop-overs and at special discounts. Qatar can also help you arrange your visa and other related documents. 
  • Extra Baggage Allowance: While making a Qatar Airways Group Booking, you get an extra baggage allowance, allowing you to take more baggage than the usual amount.  
  • Dedicated Check-Ins: Passengers can request advance check-in at the counter. This will allow you to check-in earlier than other passengers.
  • Special Meals: Dropping requests for specific types of meals (for dietary, allergy, and religious beliefs) will meet your desired requirements. 

How to book your group travel with Qatar Airways 

Involved steps are simple, and anyone (legally adult) can execute them. To reserve the service:

  • Open the official Qatar website.
  • Select your region along with the preferred language from the list provided. 
  • Open the helpdesk link from the contact section. 
  • Open the contact details directory; here, you will find the working number of your region. 

Afterward, you need to call the service executive, and they will walk you through the booking procedure and initiate the reservation from their end. 

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