How do I Add my Lap Child to my Lufthansa Flight?

Airlines accommodate every age group with appropriate facilities and services. But you may have to comply with every element and statutory provision. Similarly, when you wish to fly with Lufthansa Airlines, then also an infant can be added to the itinerary in a much more convenient aspect. However, when you wish to acknowledge more information concerning these, then carry on reading to the bottom titles.

What are the Terms and Conditions to add child 

When you are willing to travel with a child, then you may have to follow up with certain terms and conditions. Further, you can get details about the same under Lufthansa Infant Policy, and which has been explained at the bottom:-

  • Adult travelers can accompany a child on a lap up to two years of age without paying an additional cost. But the age of children must be under 2 years of age.
  • When a single adult travels with more than one child, then they have to purchase a seat. In this case, an adult has to carry a child restraint system on the flight.
  • You could bring a portion of additional food for a child to eat. Besides this, the airline serves snacks on board too.
  • The children must be dressed in multiple layers known as “onion outfits” to accommodate the temperature in a flight and airport.
  • If you are adding a child to the itinerary, then avoid picking a seat near the emergency exit rows.
  • When you are purchasing a CHILD Ticket, then you may have to bring a child restraint system with you.

How to add child on Lufthansa?

When you have been accompanied by child policy, then you could be able to add them to the itinerary. Moreover, you could get various modes to add the child to the booking, and detailed information has been mentioned below.

Add child on call

The process includes many steps to make a reservation process, and adding a child to it could make it much more difficult. Further, you can overlap such confusion by approaching its customer service team on call. Further, the guide to add an infant by using a phone number has been displayed at the bottom:-

  • Just dial the phone number 1 (800) 645-3880 or 1 (712) 645-3880
  • Then, select a preferred language from the recorded menu. 
  • After that, choose “add child” from the IVR options.

Use online modes to add a child

You can add a child independently by conducting a process through an online mode. In this way, you can be aware of every shared information and also monitor the same. If you are unknown of the step-by-step process to Add Infant on Lufthansa, then act along with the point written at the bottom:-

  • Reach to the official web page of Lufthansa Airline
  • After that, click on the “book” icon 
  • Now, enter flight details with the date and then click on the “travelers” icon.
  • Further, you get to add the number of passengers as adult, child, or infant
  • On th next tab, choose a flight and a fare options
  • Afterward, share the contact information of each added passenger and click on the continue icon.
  • Then, make a payment with the available option and click on the finish icon 
  • And then you can get information in registered phone number and email. 

How Much Does Lufthansa Charge to add Infants?

Infants on Lufthansa Airlines can be added without any charges, but they have to carry them in their lap. When the number of infants exceeds adults, then Lufthansa Airlines could apply an additional sum for the same. However, adding an infant could cost around $100 to $350, based on flight routes and destinations. 

Final word

When you could go through the titles that have been mentioned above, then you may not get across any doubts related to Infant on Lufthansa Airlines. Whenever you have any kind of confusion, then reach out to the customer service team and have a resolution.

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