Know about LOT Polish Airlines' cancellation policy?

Do you need to cancel your LOT Polish Airlines flight due to a last-minute emergency? In that scenario, you'll should have a full grasp about the cancellation policy of LOT Polish Airlines, which specifies the circumstances within which travelers can cancel a scheduled flight. If passengers will be unable to take a flight due to some kind of emergency, LOT Polish Airlines makes it relatively simple for them to cancel the ticket within the terms they specify. People who often fly with LOT Polish should be aware of the cancellation policy that is explained below.

What is LOT Polish Airlines' cancellation policy?

LOT Polish as a customer-centric airline, acknowledges passengers' needs and permits them to cancel a booking clearly defined terms and conditions. Go through the information given below if you'd like to learn about the LOT Polish Cancellation Policy.

  • You have the option to cancel your flight ticket, within 24 hours of scheduled departure flight.
  •  If you cancel within 24 hours, and 7 days or more before your scheduled departure, LOT Polish will not charge you.
  • You can also cancel your LOT Polish flight without paying a charge if it is delayed by the airlines for further than 3 hours.
  • You cannot cancel a basic economy ticket with LOT Polish Airlines for a refund after the 24-hour time limit has passed from the initial booking.
  • When you've booked a non-refundable ticket, LOT Polish Airlines will charge a fee ranging from $200 to $500 if you want to cancel your journey.
  • If you've booked a refundable ticket with LOT Polish Airlines, you may cancel your flight at any time prior to departure and also be refunded in your original payment mode.
  • When you cancel a non-refundable ticket with LOT Polish Airlines, you will get the balance of your fare, net of expenses, as in form of a digital credit to be applied on a future reservation.

What is the procedure for cancelling a LOT Polish flight?

You may cancel a flight ticket with LOT Polish either online or through contacting the reservation office. You can follow the procedure mentioned below to learn that how you can cancel a LOT Polish Airlines flight online.

  • Go to the LOT Polish website and look for the option to manage your booking
  • Click on the Manage Your Booking tab and type your surname in the provided box
  • Afterwards, enter your Booking reference number and click the next button
  • All of your LOT Polish bookings will display, from which you may choose the one you want to cancel
  • Then, along with the flight you've picked, hit the cancel button and continue
  • Following that, LOT Polish will approve your request for a flight cancellation
  • Finally, the airline will deduct the applicable cancellation charge and refund the remainder of the ticket price

All the relevant details regarding LOT Polish Airlines' cancellation policy, as well as how to apply for it, is mentioned above. If you want more assistance with the flight cancellation or any other matter, you can contact LOT Polish's customer care in a convenient manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Can I Cancel My LOT Polish Airlines Booking?

Ans.  You can easily cancel your LOT bookings by using the method that is given here.

  • Open the LOT polish flight airline website and go to the manage booking web page of this airline.

  • Enter the login credentials and retrieve the details of your booking and select the cancellation option.

  • Enter the reason for the cancellation and pay any penalty imposed on you and finally, get the confirmation email.

Q. Can I Cancel My LOT Flight In 24 Hours Of Booking?

Ans. Yes! Every passenger irrespective of the ticket type can cancel a flight that was reserved 24 hours ago. You can know about that from the rules that are mentioned in the LOT Polish Airlines Cancellation Policy. This cancellation allows you to gain a complete refund from the airline. However, this must be completed prior to 168 hours of your flight departure date. 

Q. Is It Possible To Gain A Refund After LOT Flight Cancellation?

Ans. Yes! It is possible to obtain a refund when you cancel your LOT Polish airline. But, every passenger needs to understand that they will only get a refund only when they follow the official rules. However, a flight refund is also possible when the airline itself cancels the flight due to any reason.

Q. What Is A LOT Polish Flight Cancellation Fee?

Ans. LOT polish charges a fee that was offered when you cancel your booking. This fee ranges from $100 to $400 and the exact price depends on the ticket type and date of cancellation. However, you do not need to pay the cancellation fee when the flight was cancelled by the airline.

Q. How To Cancel My LOT Polish Flight Booked With Miles & More?

Ans. Those who book their LOT flight by using the Miles & More program are often confused about flight cancellation. They can perform that easily by dialling the phone number of the Contact center and talking to its experts. These adept and professional experts will help you to cancel the flight that was booked under the frequent flyer program.

Q. Can I Cancel My LOT Flight Booked Through A Travel Agent?

Ans. Yes! You can easily cancel your flight that was reserved by using the assistance of any travel agent. LOT clearly mention that you could only cancel this kind of booking by contacting that travel agent or travel agency. However, other cancellation rules apply to you similarly even when you have booked through any third party.

Q. Is LOT Contact Center Works 24 hours For Flight Cancellation?

Ans. Yes! The official contact center of LOT polish airline works 24/7 to assist in the flight cancellation process. You can easily perform that by visiting the support section and searching from your country. This allows you to gain the much-needed help from the professionals of this airline.

Q. How To Redeem My Flight Voucher When LOT Cancels Its Flight?

Ans. When LOT cancels the flight, you can gain the vouchers that are valid for future travel. You can easily redeem that by using the official website of LOT airline. To use the voucher, you need to enter its code in the necessary box at the final steps of your booking. You can use the travel voucher only once.

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