Know Everything About LOT Polish Flight Change Policy

LOT Polish is the airline of Poland that is connecting more than 120 locations around the world. It is operating from Warsaw Chopin Airport which is its main hub and has been operating for 92 years. This airline has an impressive history in providing the most useful rules that increase the interest of the passengers. It understands that the travel plan may be cancelled after booking the LOT polish flight. Thus, it gives the standard flight change rules that are compiled in a policy. If you have already booked a flight then you can easily modify it by changing it to increase your travel plan.

Main Points To Define Lot Polish Airlines Change Flight Policy

You can easily know about the LOT polish booking change policy from the points that are given below.

  • Those who booked tickets from September 10, 2020 to July 31, 2021 can change the flight date multiple times over without paying any extra fee for it. This rule applies to all tariffs but when you change the tariff, you need to pay the required fee.

  • LOT polish flight rescheduling is possible through the online method by logging to your account through your valid credentials. However, you can also get the booking you can also accomplish through our contact center from the adept support team of this airline.

  • You can change the LOT polish flight ticket by contacting the point of purchase only. Those who booked the flight through a travel agent can perform that by contacting them only.

  • You can easily change the LOT flight booking when they are reserved within 24 hours of the booking. This condition only applies when you try to change the flight before 168 hours of departure.

  • If you have booked your flight ticket as a group booking and want to change that, contact the point of the original booking. You can use the suggestion of the group supervisor from LOT polish airline.

  • Sometimes, the airline also cancels the flight due to bad weather or any technical issue. This offers you an opportunity to book a new flight in the same travel class, air route and destination.

  • LOT flight bookings that were cancelled due to the spread of the COVID virus are refunded by providing the flight change option to the customer. This change is free for all its customers.

How To Change A LOT Polish Flight Ticket?

  • Dial the official phone number of the LOT polish airline and contact support.

  • Talk to the experts of this airline and provide all the details about your booking.

  • Request him to change the flight ticket of the airline and follow the required instructions. 

You can also change the flight of this airline by using the airport desks of this airline. Some customers have doubts related to the LOT Polish Airlines Change Flight Policy. They should connect to the customer care centers of the airline. Ask them to provide more details on any rule relevant to flight change. They are professional in their work and are completely updated about the official rules of LOT polish airline.

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