A Detailed Guide on LATAM Flight Cancelation Policy

LATAM is considered the largest airline from the region of Latin America that provides its services to various international and domestic locations. LATAM Airlines is an airline holding company that is once again trying its level best to reach its peak level by establishing its base in the best possible manner.

Making a new booking with LATAM Airlines is an easy task but is it the same for flight cancelations? Well, the topic of flight cancelation gets tricky for a user when they have no idea on how to make cancelations, what are the canceling policies of the airlines and can they get a full refund on the flight ticket they canceled. To get an answer to the question of LATAM Flight Cancellation Policy, go through the points mentioned below to get a clear understanding of the same in a hassle-free and timely manner;

LATAM Airlines Cancelation Policy

You can figure out the cancelation policy of LATAM Airlines effectively;

  • To get a complete refund and save the cancelation fee of LATAM Airlines, you’ll have to cancel your flight booking within 24 hours of your reservation.
  • You can only cancel the flight tickets if you made the booking with the help of the official website of LATAM Airlines or by calling up their official reservations phone number.
  • If the booking or the reservation was made with the help of the ticketing executive, you could not cancel your flight tickets on your own; you’ll have to contact the respective person for the same.
  • To get a complete refund, make sure that the departure date of your flight is at least 7 or more than 7 days away from the cancelation date.

Thus, the points listed above will help you understand the cancelation policy of LATAM Airlines.

How to cancel your LATAM flight ticket

You can cancel your LATAM Airlines Flight ticket by following the below-listed ways;

  • Official Website- You can cancel your flight ticket with the help of visiting the official website of LATAM Airlines and going to the ‘Manage my Booking’ section. On the following page, you’ll have to enter the details regarding the LATAM flight you wish to cancel and proceed with the steps. Now cancel the flight and click on save changes to confirm your changes. You’ll receive a confirmation email on your registered email address regarding your flight cancelation.
  • Phone Number- You can cancel your flight ticket with the help of making a phone call to the official phone number of LATAM Airlines. A reservations associate will connect with you regarding the changes you want to make on your LATAM Airlines flight ticket and carry forward with your requests.
  • Official Application- You can cancel your flight ticket with the help of the official application of LATAM Airlines as well. 

Thus, the cancelation procedure and the cancelation policy of LATAM Airlines are mentioned above for your perusal. You can go through all the points for your understanding effectively for your benefit and convenience on your LATAM flight ticket.

How do I get a refund from Latam?

Getting the money back after canceling the flight is a blessing. If you had booked your flight with Latam Airlines and had to cancel it, you can request your refund easily. 

You have to follow the steps given in this article to get your refund from Latam. But before that, you should know that you will get your refund in the form of a travel voucher as per the Latam refund policy.

Steps to get the refund from Latam

  • You need to head to the official website of Latam.
  • There, you need to click on the Help Center option to see the list of services.
  • Take your eyes to the top right corner of the page to find the Request Your refund option.
  • You have to click on it to find the refund form on your screen.
  • You have to fill the form with the required details, including your email address, name, etc.
  • Choose the valid options from the dropdown menu to get your refund.
  • Now you have to enter the Subject and Description of your refund request.
  • In the next step, you have to enter your flight reservation number and date.
  • Attach the documents required in your form and hit the Submit button.

By following the given steps, you can request your refund with Latam Airlines. It takes seven days to transfer the travel vouchers, but if the time limit is crossed, you can contact the customer service of Latam Airlines. You can also ask about the Latam refund policy from the live person to avoid confusion.

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Q. Does Latam have a 24-hour cancellation policy?

Ans. Yes, of course, LATAM airlines offer passengers the special facility to cancel out the flight tickets within the timeline of 24 hours. But there are some additional guidelines associated with the policy which need to be properly considered out by the customers. In the below-mentioned article, we emphasized the Cancellation related rules of LATAM Airlines.

Check out the Cancellation related policies of LATAM Airlines:

After reading out the brief introduction of LATAM Airlines, now we should go through the rules of Cancellation. Read out the policies carefully:

  • In case if the passengers cancel out his/her ticket within the timeline of 24 hours of the initial booking of the ticket, then customers are not entitled to pay out the cancellation charges and can easily proceed out for the refund.

  • If the ticket cancellation is performed out after the timeline of 24 hours, then the customers are needed to pay out the cancellation charges,

  • Customers can request out the airline for flight cancellation through the official website of the airline or through contacting out the live person through the phone.

  • Only those tickets are considered for Cancellation, which is booked out through the official homepage of the airline or through the customer service. In case if the ticket gets booked out through the Third Party Agents, then you have to go through them.

After reading out the “LATAM Airlines Cancellation Policy”, the case if you have more questions in your mind, then you should go through the official support page of the airline for specialized guidance.

Q. How long does it take to get a Refund From the latam?

Ans. Suppose you failed to board a flight with Latam airlines due to unforeseen circumstances. The airlines make sure every passenger will be entitled to a refund and get the services you require from them within a specific time frame. Unlike any other airline, Latam airlines provide you with the most effective services possible to them. They do bale to get connected through their representatives and make sure you get the benefits of the Ryanair. 

Latam Refund Policy:-

  • As per the refund policy of Latam airlines, if you wish to get a refund from the airlines, you do have to fill in the refund form. 
  • On its official site, you find the refund form and click in there and get service from their representatives. 
  • Do fill in all information such as the passenger's last name or other information such as the PNR number of the airlines. 
  • Once you fill in all the essential information, click on the submit your request for the refund will be raised. 
  • Soon, you do get the mail on your official websites stating that your request for the refund will be raised. 
  • The refund will be provided to you within 7 -20 business working days. 
  • The refund will be provided to you in the same mode as you have made your payment and get the most effective services from their representatives. 

The ways mentioned above will guide you on getting connected through the Latam airlines representatives if you wish to get in touch with their representatives and can avail the best services within a given frame of time.

Q. Does LATAM have free cancellation?

Ans. Can I get free cancellation at LATAM?

LATAM Airlines provides one of the most flexible flight change and cancellation policies. You can skip paying the cancellation charges at the airline and retrieve a full refund for the flight. Check out the following cancellation policy as put forth by the airline:

  • You can find LATAM Flight cancellation free if you comply with the airline's standard regulations.
  • You can find compensation if your flight unexpectedly gets delayed or canceled due to some glitch from the airline’s end.
  • However, if the airline fails to provide at least 14 days prior notice and provides a schedule that does not satisfy the original itinerary, you can cancel it.
  • The airline does not charge any cancellation fees in such a situation, and you might be able to get USD 700 compensation per person.
  • But, if the airline provides an arrangement for the canceled flight that suits your original itinerary, you don't qualify for a refund or any compensation.
  • Also, you can only cancel the reservation using the LATAM website if you purchased the ticket from there. You can cancel the reservation online only when you buy the ticket directly from the airline.
  • The refund you get from LATAM depends on the type of payment you use while booking the ticket. It takes about seven days to get a refund if you paid using a credit card.

For free cancellation, your ticket must qualify the basic criteria. Even when you are eligible and cannot make the LATAM Flight cancellation free, you can try contacting the airline's customer service. The agents can process the cancellation formalities for you in real-time.

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