A paradigm to Kuwait Airways information to fly with Infants. 

Are you planning to travel with your toddler and are confused about how it all works with them? Then you can read through the details given below, which will help you with the minimum requirements for the same. Even though you are a pro in handling your kid, with the change in the environment of the infant, he or she might act weird and behave unconditionally differently. Thus, traveling with babies might need you to strategize your trip and travel accordingly. With the reservation you hold on Kuwait Airways, if you are planning to come along with the baby, then there are certain tips and tricks and even other points to consider for the same. 

Information related to Kuwait Infant Policy. 

You must see through the given information related to Kuwait Airways Infant Policy. Read through the guidelines and be informed about the required details as follows: 

  • With lap babies, no extra charge is added to the same. Add on the details of the baby through the manage booking option. And when there is more than one infant, an additional seat is a compulsion. 
  • An additional seat must be booked if you carry an FAA seat. 
  • Extra baggage weighing not more than 10 kg and not exceeding the size of 115 cm can be carried if you are traveling with an infant. 
  • You can carry diaper bags, baby food, toys, and other necessities in the cabin bag. 
  • Airlines can avail you of bassinet seats on the airline on special request through managing booking or communicating with the airline. 
  • Seats on emergency exits, near overhead bins, and entry-exit rows are denied for passengers with infants. 

Requirements for traveling with infants. 

For the travel you have planned with your little one, there are certain things which you must keep a note of for the travel you are planning. These are listed: 

  1. Passport for international flights: A child must have a passport if the airline they are flying with is international and they have a trip booked with the airline for an international trip. You can also fill out the DS-11 form for the baby. 
  2. Birth Certificate: With a Kuwait Airways flight, you must carry a birth certificate of your child so that an easy check-in and entry can be done. 
  3. Doctor’s approval to travel: On an international trip, a doctor’s content is mandatory if there is any illness that the child suffers from. Also, if the infant is traveling with either of the parents, then consent from the other parent is required. 

Tips to consider for Infant’s flight travel. 

If the kid is traveling on a flight, there are certain tips that must be considered for smoother travel. These are listed below: 

  • Adequate food must be carried so that the child doesn’t cry and be worried. 
  • Book late-night flights so that the child can peacefully sleep on the flight and the sleep cycle is also not disturbed. 
  • Bring on the favorite toys of your infant to keep him engaged. 
  • Pack extra clothes as with kids; even your clothes can get soiled at any time. 
  • Take care of the baby while take-offs and landings. Feed them as swallowing can lessen the ear pain. 
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