How do I Choose my Seat on Japan Airlines?

Seat selection is very important for any sort of journey. Where you sit will influence your entire journey, and it could end up becoming a huge part of your memory. People might not remember all the locations they visited or what food they had in the distant land, but the way they reached that destination will remain vivid in their minds. Japan is famous for its technology because it understands how the human mind works and hence, knows what can influence your mood and trip while traveling via air on Japan Airlines; therefore, this article will deal with the Japan Airlines seat selection methodology and the policies surrounding them. 

Policies surrounding Japan Seat Selection process

It is imperative that every passenger who wants to reserve a seat for themselves, or their family or colleagues, understand the reservation rules. This will ensure smooth execution of the process and avoid any delay one might face while looking through the process.

  • The airline allows sweat selection for passengers traveling through the Business Class, Premium Economy Class, First Class, or Economy Class. These could be normal or discount tickets; however, people traveling on award tickets can not reserve seats. 
  • While making the booking, the passenger needs to be of legal age, i.e., above 18 years of age. 
  • The range of seats available for selection will be limited to maintain safety and decorum while the plane flies. This number will depend on various factors such as your flight fare, travel date, place of origin and destination, etc. 
  • The Japan Airlines seat selection is not available if there are no longer any seats available to assign and when your booking belongs to Deutsche Bahn Rail segments.
  • If you fail to check-in on time, your booked seat will be released to be used by another passenger.
  • As per the emergency exit rule, certain people aren't allowed to sit near the emergency exit panel. These are passengers below the age of 15 years, pregnant women, passengers traveling with infants, small kids, under 8 years for domestic and under 12 years for international flights, and their guardian are also not allowed to use this seat. 
  • Passengers facing medical issues and who need additional equipment while traveling are also not allowed to utilize the exit row seat.

The seat selection starts 20 before the scheduled flight in case of domestic flights, and for international flights, it starts around 24 hours before the scheduled take-off. 

Steps to reserve your seat on the Japan Airline 

You can reserve your seat in the following ways. In case seat reservation is not included in your ticket, you would have to make the reservation payment to confirm the selection. 

Through The website 

This option is used at the time of online check-in. The website allows passengers to check-in themselves before they reach the airport to reduce the time of the boarding process. You have to,

  • Visit the Japan Airline official website and find the check-in tab.
  • Afterward, find your flight by typing in your booking details and your registered name. 
  • Check-in yourself by using the associated tool. 
  • Next, select your desired seat through the Japan Airlines seat selection map. 
  • Confirm the selection, and you are done. 

Through customer service 

Customer service has the authority to reserve seats in your name. You need to provide the executive with your flight details, and then they can block the seat for you. You don't need to provide your credit card link, the executive will share the required link with you, and you can make the payment as needed. 

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